Develop Your Writing Skills
at the Writing Center

The Writing Center was created to enhance learning and raise appreciation of the role that writing plays in our everyday lives.

Staffed by published authors, professional writers and scholars, the center ensures that you are provided with a level of writing instruction, assistance, and encouragement that supports your academic development in class.

You can utilize our services in two ways. Composition instructors bring their classes to the center throughout the semester to utilize our resources, which include an extensive reference library, databases and e-books on the craft of writing.

In addition, students who need extra help with their writing can make an appointment for a consultation. During the afternoon, we offer one-on-one and small group consultations with students in composition classes.

Some of the topics we can help you with include: coming up with fresh ideas/brainstorming, organizing thoughts, narrowing a research question, writing effective thesis statements, and creating strong introductions and conclusions.

Additionally, the center sponsors several cultural events throughout the year, including film series, writing contests, museum visits, and poetry readings. These activities are designed to let you experience the cultural diversity at ASA and in New York City.

The Writing Center operates within the General Education Department and is housed at Pearl Street Room 402 in Brooklyn. Students who wish to make an appointment or who would like more information should stop by The Writing Center or call (718) 522-9073 ext. 2212.

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!