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What to Expect When Changing Careers

Moving from one profession to another at any time in one’s life is challenging. Particularly if the new occupation one has in mind is entirely different from their former occupation. Seeing as finding jobs without prior experience or skill is difficult, attempting do so on your own is even more stressful.

One harsh truth to bear in mind is that switching careers may be a risky affair for some individuals. For example, if you somehow manage to get invited to be interviewed but fail to land the job, and this process continues (eg. 6 to 8 months), one may be disheartened. One may even begin thinking it was a mistake to quit or that switching careers is impossible. Most individuals in their thirties and forties have families to look after, which means a career change is not to be taken lightly. One has to anticipate and prepare for the journey ahead.

Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Researching: While some individuals have a definite profession in mind that they wish to jump over to, others may be uncertain with regard to what change they seek. It is imperative that you sit with an admission advisor at a school or career coach and discuss the current skills you possess and what your interests are for the future so that a specific path can be created for you before you start on your journey. In addition, check whether any important volunteering or externships are available for acquiring specific skills prior to actually applying for a job in a new field; schools and colleges that offer externships would prove beneficial because it would allow you to get the hands-on experience in your new field. Most of all, it is important that you have a mental preparation for the task at hand and have an understanding that the road ahead might be a little rough but with the right guidance and training, you will have the confidence to succeed.


A person who considers a career change needs to be sure, convinced and determined since uncertainty on his/her part would cause him/her to suffer by wasting time, energy and money. There should be no feelings of regret at a later time.

Career change require commitment of resources and time to educate and train oneself, to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to the new career. Lastly, one needs to put together all achievements and develop a portfolio for highlighting all academic qualifications and skills a career requires.

The advantage of retraining at ASA College for a new career is that it allows you to make the transition in as little as 8 to 16 months. Also, having an updated resume showing that you have updated your skills is an advantage that can run alongside any other education you have acquired in your lifetime. Choosing a career in criminal justice, accounting, paralegal, computer programming, healthcare such as nursing, medical assistant, medical billing and healthcare office administration has a fundamental advantage since these careers have a lot of possible job opportunities.

Statistics of Growth in the Future in these Fields

The above career fields are not only the most rapidly evolving careers but also currently in high demand. Below are statistics showing the growths that are expected in Criminal Justice, Paralegal and in healthcare:
In the decade ranging from 2012 to 2022, the demand for auditors and accountants is estimated to increase up to thirteen percent (, n.d.).
Career opportunities in the criminal justice field will likely grow, as crime grows each day. This implies that more police officers, paralegals, and overall law enforcement are needed in the field.
Careers in the healthcare sector (such as healthcare office administrators and medical assistants) are estimated to witness a twenty-three percent growth between 2014 and 2024, owing to a rise in population and the growing need for medical facilities for an increasing number of aging individuals. This demands an increase in healthcare staff (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).


Clearly, shifting from one career to another is challenging, yet with the right guidance and help it is achievable. ASA College has an excellent approach for new skill development related to your future job. ASA created SDTS (Skill Development Tracking System) to monitor the individual’s progress of retraining. Along with SDTS, you have the full support of the Admission Advisor who will guide you through your transition, Student Advisors that will help you day in and day out from your first day to graduation, Career Advisors who will create mock interviews and resume building techniques so that you land the career job you worked and studied so hard for, and Financial Aid Advisors who will help you apply for grants and scholarships to help you start and finish your career transition. All ASA College programs have externships; this is to adequately equip you with relevant training, education, and experience to confidently meet the upcoming challenges of today’s workforce.

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