Success Stories

Rafael Tan

Meet Rafael Tan, he is our Alumni from Network Administration and Security. Check out what he has to share about his experience as an International Student at ASA College: ” I already had previous experience in the IT industry back in my home country (The Philippines). I learned ASA offered the Network Administration program with the most IT-related courses as compared to those at other colleges. Moreover, ASA offered an employment opportunity after graduation. I liked that the technical courses were diverse, and that the Network Administration program itself included classes I personally found to be important; such as English Composition, Psychology, Career Development, and Research Methods. I wanted more than a classroom experience at ASA, and so I participated in extra-curricular events such as book/poetry readings organized by our English professors. At the same time, I was preparing for a Cisco certification exam that I wanted to pass — which I did — before graduation. I learned that as an international student, finding a job that represented the culmination of all my hard work –and hard-earned money– was not as easy as I imagined. But I am glad that I took my studies seriously because I needed all the help I could get in terms of making myself marketable to employers. First, I would like to thank my admissions agent. They made my first steps at ASA generally problem-free. Then, of course, I am grateful to my professors. Theirs is often a thankless job, but their impact on society cannot be over-emphasized. Next on the list would be ASA admin staff, who were always accommodating and supportive: from Student Accounts, the Registrar, up to Career Services. Lastly, I would like to thank all the young men and women who I have shared classes with. It pays to take your studies seriously. A U.S. education is not cheap so, make the most out of it.” We at ASA College are very proud of you, Rafael Tan! You can always count on us!


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