Success Stories

Success Stories

Gloria Montero

Medical Assisting

“My name is Gloria Montero, and I graduated from ASA in February, 2008 with a 4.0 GPA. I realized the importance of studying hard in order to succeed.”

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Luis Escobar

Graduate- Criminal Justice –2008

“I graduated with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice in 2008. At present, I hold a position as an Activity Specialist at the Catholic Charities, and it is a great honor for me”

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Luz Ramos

Medical Assisting - 2010

“July 29, 2010 was a GREAT DAY for me! This was the day I graduated from ASA College with an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting.With limited knowledge of the English language”

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Candice Collins

Processor, Gellers Group

Securities Firm

“My career counselor helped me develop my interviewing skills and put together an excellent portfolio that ultimately, “

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George Galarza

Laboratory Supervisor

“My motivation for obtaining my degree from ASA College was the understanding that furthering my education would improve the quality of life for me and family.”

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Teresa Little

Pharmacy Technician

Zitomer Pharmacy

“The Career Services Department assisted me in obtaining my externship at Zitomer. Due to my performance and willingness to learn”

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Pi Ya Jie

Medical Assistant

Empire Annex

“I love my job! My work allows me to utilize the medical skills I have obtained at ASA College. I am pleased to say that Career Services Department.”

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Mohammad S. Hossain

Medical Assistant, Cardiac Catheterization Lab

New York Methodist Hospital

“My job is to observe patient’s vital signs. I am so happy about my job. Without the training, education and skills obtained at ASA, I wouldn’t have been where “

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Andris Mota

Medical Assistant

“They [ASA] have great support systems in place
so that you are well prepared for the challenges you face … Advisors were always available to assist me in any way they could.”

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