Success Stories

Mohammed Djallo

Meet Mohammed Djallo, our Alumni from Network Administration and Security. Mohammed is currently in the U.S. Army, serving in Afghanistan. Check out what he has to say about ASA College: “My experience with ASA College was great because I was surrounded by people who love to help others, from professors to staff in every department. School can be challenging sometimes, but with ASA College, there is someone ready to help you get through obstacles. That’s what makes ASA College unique! I believe ASA College is a great school for veterans because the Institution gets to the core of what you need to be successful. The College provides a hands-on experience through an internship in the field of study. With my degree from ASA in Network Administration and Security, I was easily selected for a deployment to Afghanistan to support a mission that protects our freedom. I would like to encourage my service members and veterans to pursue their education at ASA College. While in school, use all of the available resources because at the end of their journey they will get a career they can count on.” We are very proud of you, Mohammed! You can always count on us!

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!