Success Stories

Mohammad S. Hossain

I successfully achieved my Associate Degree in Medical Assisting (Non-Invasive Cardiovascular) with a 4.0 GPA! During the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most brilliant professors: Dr. Cometa, Dr. Gomez, Mr. Malik, Dr. Amir, Dr. Maya and Professor H. Martin to name a few. I was selected Salutatorian for my graduation ceremony. Behind this accomplishment is the person I will never forget: Ms. Rosalind Collazo, chairperson of Allied Health Department.

During my last semester, my career advisors Claudia Drobchinsky and Evan Chen sent me on my first job interview with New York Methodist Hospital for a cardiovascular technician position. The day prior to my interview, my career advisors arranged a mock interview with Lesia Willis-Campbell, Vice President of Career Services. What they didn’t realize was that they were preparing me for my dream job. My interview was excellent. After a long interviewing process, I was finally offered the position. Currently, I work at the Cardiac Catheterization Lab where I assist Cardiologists and nurses with setting up equipment and preparing patients for procedures (angiographies and angioplasty). During the procedures, I stay in the monitor room and sit behind the computer. My job is to observe patient’s vital signs. I am so happy about my job. Without the training, education and skills obtained at ASA, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Thank you ASA!

My journey at ASA was remarkable. Although my achievement was honorable, I had to constantly keep myself disciplined. I attended class from 9am-1 pm five days a week. In addition, I maintained a job at a bakery 2pm-10 pm. I studied 11pm-2am every night. That was my life for the past two years. I was fully determined to succeed. With that determination I obtained the job I desired. However, without the help, support, inspiration and love of my wife, I would not have been where I am today. She kept me moving forward.

Again, I thank ASA for changing my life. My advice to current students is to be honest with yourself, stay on the right path and study hard. There is no better alternative than success.

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!