Success Stories

Luz Ramos

July 29, 2010 was a GREAT DAY for me! This was the day I graduated from ASA College with an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting.

With limited knowledge of the English language, it was tough and very challenging for me at the beginning. It took more time and greater effort for me to understand the readings from the textbooks and the lectures from the teachers. However, I was determined, and I remained focused. I did not want to give up and the challenges made me stronger.

My grades were above average, and I had the opportunity to work in the school as a Federal Work Study student where I met great friends. I totally enjoyed my college experience: classes were great, instructors were wonderful, and my part-time job was amazing. Best of all, my command of the English language got better! I became more confident.

I am currently working at Doctor Chez office as a Medical Assistant. My main responsibility is processing lab work and EKG results. ASA prepared me well for this position. I am so grateful to the Career Services Department, especially my advisor Angela Nasimova for placing me on the job so quickly. In a few months, I plan to take the CMA exam. As soon as I pass it, I will go back to school to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree as a Registered Nurse.

My advice to current and potential students is: think about your future in two ways – with a degree, or without a degree. Which is more appealing? For me the answer was clear.

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!