Success Stories

Gloria Montero

My name is Gloria Montero, and I graduated from ASA in February, 2008 with a 4.0 GPA. I realized the importance of studying hard in order to succeed. I cannot say that it was very easy to balance school and family life. To me it is very important to raise my children with proper values, so I think my energy and enthusiastic approach to college education inspired my family members, too.

It has been two and a half years since I have been employed at Bruckner Oncology, a division of NY Downtown Hospital. Thanks to my Career Advisor Lina Rydnick, I was able to secure my employment with this practice almost immediately upon graduation. Currently, I am a Senior Medical Assistant in charge of not only performing numerous clinical duties, but also interviewing and training new staff.

I am grateful to my instructors for furnishing me with solid clinical skills, especially in Phlebotomy. They also taught me how to quickly react to emergency situations without losing my cool and to put the interests of patients first. I feel valued and recognized at Bruckner Oncology, and it is a very fulfilling experience.

My advice to current students and graduates is to take initiative at the work place, be proactive, cooperate with your team and stay friendly and professional at all times. Good Luck!!

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