Success Stories

Edith Reyes

I’m a Business Administration and Accounting graduate from ASA – The College for Excellence. Since graduating, I have been employed as a Business Developer with Shred Services Inc.

My children were my main motivation for thinking about where I wanted to be in life. The reason I chose ASA- The College for Excellence was they have no discrimination there unlike other institutions and I could tell that, given my challenging circumstances at the time, ASA was willing to work with me. With ASA I knew I would come out a winner! ASA has a great reputation of producing successful graduates.

I chose the accounting field because I love playing with numbers as much as I love the challenge. The professors were open minded and willing to help me comprehend when I had difficulty with my coursework. I also enjoyed meeting new people. The ambience and diversity ASA offers is unparalleled. While collegiate life was great, there were many challenges I faced, including my pregnancy as well as other struggles I was dealing with at home. Being a mother of two and with one on the way and juggling a hectic school schedule was my greatest challenge.

The most important lesson I learned throughout this triumphant time was that if I want something badly enough it is totally up to me to go out and get it. You have to have courage! I would like to thank all the accountants, business professors, and my classmates. I would also like to thank someone who is responsible for where I am today, my career advisor Latoya Anderson. I was on the brink of giving up but she would not let me. She arranged my first interview and gave helpful tips on getting through the process. Ultimately I was offered my first job!

My future plans are to obtain my Masters degree in accounting as well as my Certified Public Accounting license.

To current students (ASA future graduates), I will leave you with this: “Never give up. You hold your future. Make sure to come out the winner!”

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!