Success Stories

Cortnee Rogers

My proudest moment was graduating from ASA. I started school in October of 2005, completed my course work and graduated in February of 2007. This was all due to my determination to succeed. I can proudly say that I am an experienced Pharmacy Tech and I work at an Oncology Clinic which is located in New York Downtown Hospital. I consider my externship the best part of my learning experience at ASA.

It allowed me to practice my skills and it also gave me the opportunity to observe the daily operations of a Pharmacy. The classes that I took while I was a student at ASA, helped me to become familiar with the various medications that I would be handling, and my Pharmacy Technology Degree allowed me to use those skills. The Career Services Department is one department that I am truly grateful for, and I maintain contact with Lina Rydnick who submitted my resume for this position and prepared me for the interview. I think they are very helpful in general. My future plans are to continue my education in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology. My #1 advice to graduates is to stay focused. It will be hard at times, but if you remain focused on your education and your career, you can accomplish anything you desire.

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