Success Stories

Catherine Smith

“My story as a student of ASA College is REWARDING one. Imagine, I returned on June 12, 2018, after graduating from this college on June 04, 2006 with an Associate degree in Pharmacy Technology. I returned 12 years later because I’d just retired from my job of 30 years. I’d decided to take a Certificate course in Computer Concepts and Applications, Medical Office Administration, Medical Reimbursement and Medical Billing and Coding at ASA because my previous experience and the career advancements I’d made were amazing. Twelve years later, I was a great student, and on Nov. 12, 2018, I received a letter congratulating me on making the President’s List for the Summer Semester. This recognition meant so much because I was balancing my education, a work-study position at the Brooklyn Campus Learning Center and family life. It was awesome and a blessing to have someone acknowledge the sacrifices I made to enhance my life and become a graduate again, as part of the “Class 2019.”

I’m very lucky and appreciative to have Mrs. Maria Sarmiento and Mr. Daaim Lewis as my Career Advisors to guide me along my career path, and I’m also thankful to have worked with Mrs. Lucretia Ursu, Coordinator of the Learning Center, and her staff. Assisting students in Computer Concepts, researching articles for homework, PowerPoint Slides projects, and showing them on how to navigate the computer systems gave me great joy. I loved just seeing their progress from the beginning to the end of their semester, and how pleased they were with their grades.

I’ve always told the Student’s we are going to learn together, and if you “Believe It, You Will Achieve It”. This has always been my motto because I believe the mind is a powerful tool; use it and you can master anything positive in your life, Personal or Professional and be proud of yourself. Some other ingredients to success are 1) continue to keep the knowledge flowing, 2) don’t give up no matter what life challenges you may have, 3) just push through it, and 4) do your best and let “GOD” do the rest. ASA College has a lot to offer if you apply yourself. Work both harder and smarter towards your goals and seek assistance from the staff and professors. The majority of them are very helpful, knowledgeable, and informative. “ALWAYS BE THE PERSON IN THE KNOW!” Congratulations to all of the 2019 Graduates of ASA College…..From: Catherine Smith – ASA College Student, Graduate of 2019″

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