Success Stories

Andrei Sokolov

Andrei Sokolov came to ASA College with knowledge and experience that he acquired while living and working in Moscow, Russia, but he needed more to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a great Licensed Massage Therapist in New York City. While at ASA College Mr. Sokolov developed his communication skills and learned all he needed to earn an unreal 95 on the NYS Licensing Exam. Of his professors, he says, “They are not only top class professionals in their fields, but also very sincere, attentive and helpful people.” Likewise, his instructors could not be prouder of him and his will to build a new career in a new country after having done so much somewhere else. Mr. Sokolov found gainful employment with Mermaid SPA ( and Opulence Glamour SPA upon graduating, and now he has enrolled in a Master of Science in Acupuncture of Pacific College of Health and Science. The sky is the limit for Mr. Sokolov for whom no challenge is too big to overcome. ASA College takes great pride in being a school where people make the most of fresh starts.

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