Success Stories

Alexander Rodriguez

“I think what motivated me to pursue a degree in Network Administration & Security is that I have been always curious about how the technology works, especially how devices like the computers we commonly use work when connected to a network. When I saw ASA offered an excellent program in the Computer Networking field, I decided to try it out. My professors were very prepared and knowledgeable in the field. Many of them have current, real-life experience in the area.

The biggest challenge I had while pursuing my degree was commuting to class. At that time, I was not working and didn’t have a steady income to cover my travel expenses. I was already paying rent for a room in the Bronx, where I’ve always lived since I came from my country.

I can say that the most profound lesson I’ve learned since starting and completing my degree at ASA is that you have to be responsible, determined and disciplined in pursuing what you want. If you stick to these basic principles, success most likely will be on your side. Some students can’t find the determination and discipline needed, and when they don’t succeed they blame others for their lack of commitment and responsibility.

I would like to thank all the professionals that were my professors in the Computer Department. Some of them are not working at ASA College anymore while others now are my colleagues. After I finished my degree at ASA, they continued to help me in achieving my goals and obtaining my Master’s degree. This is something that sets ASA apart from other colleges. After you are done, you are always welcome back. The staff and people you met while being a student are always willing to help you.

Currently, I work as an Adjunct Professor at ASA College in the Division of Engineering and Technology under the supervision of Mrs. Tatyana Feofilaktova. My role there is to teach Microsoft Word, Computer Architecture and Networking courses to new and current students. Also, I sometimes help with light office work, like the revision of textbooks and the creation and revision of syllabi’s for the courses we teach. In the long term, my goals are to experience professional growth within the college.

I always share my experience with my students. The most important piece of advice I can give to prospective students is to dream big. My late grandfather used to tell me “You can be whatever you want to be, is up to you”. For current students, I can tell them to stay focused and continue to study. It is not going to be easy, and sometimes you will want to quit. Though, once you have accomplished your goal, it will make you feel like a new and better person, and you will want more.”

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