Success Stories

Success Stories

Trupti Patel

Business Administration & Management

Financial Associate at Sysco

Given her talents, we weren’t surprised she accepted the role of Financial Associate with Sysco in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she is responsible for coding invoices, depositing manual payment and managing petty cash funds. On top of that, Ms. Patel is pursuing a bachelor’s in Finance at the University of Tennessee. Reflecting on ASA, she says, “When I started, my biggest challenge was the language barrier…but I learned you never give up on your dreams, the path will be tough, but worth it.”

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Alberto E. Rodriguez

Network Security and Administration

Tech II EDU & Management Support position at NYU Langone Health

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Network Security and Administration class of 2018, excelled as a student and now holds a Tech II EDU & Management Support position at NYU Langone Health – he is one of ASA’s Finest. While earning his degree, he had to balance family life, which often meant returning home after others had already gone to sleep. The sacrifice helped him realize you have to listen to the little voice inside saying, “I can do this.”

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Gicel Garrido

Health Information Technology

CMA at Columbia University Medical Center

Ms. Garrido completed her AAS in Health Information Technology (HIT) from ASA College in January 2021 and was quickly hired by Columbia University Medical Center as a CMA. Ms. Garrido’s ability to help others during this pandemic was won by her steadfast commitment to education, even during semesters where she was balancing six classes and a full day job.

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Swati Vrajesh Panchal

Health Information Technology

Healthimax, LLC at the Atlantic Spine Center in Edison, NJ

Ms. Panchal says, “it’s an exceptional institution which guided me to a career path that matches my interests and inspired me to become the best version of myself.” The next step for Ms. Panchal is a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and a CCA Certification. Your success makes us so proud, Ms. Panchal, keep climbing!

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Teresa Aaron Hayes

Medical Billing and Coding

Hematology Oncology Associates of Brooklyn

Returning to school was not just financially rewarding for Ms. Aaron. She says it also allowed her to rediscover her strengths and weaknesses and become an inspiration to her children. She would tell future students, “continue to embrace your educational and professional growth. Your attitude determines your altitude. It’s up to you how high you want to go!”

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Andrei Sokolov

Massage Therapy

Mermaid SPA (

Andrei Sokolov came to ASA College with knowledge and experience that he acquired while living and working in Moscow, Russia, but he needed more to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a great Licensed Massage Therapist in New York City. While at ASA College Mr. Sokolov developed his communication skills and learned all he needed to earn an unreal 95 on the NYS Licensing Exam. Of his professors, he says, “They are not only top class professionals in their fields, but also very sincere, attentive and helpful people.” Likewise, his instructors could not be prouder of him and his will to build a new career in a new country after having done so much somewhere else. Mr. Sokolov found gainful employment with Mermaid SPA ( and Opulence Glamour SPA upon graduating, and now he has enrolled in a Master of Science in Acupuncture of Pacific College of Health and Science. The sky is the limit for Mr. Sokolov for whom no challenge is too big to overcome. ASA College takes great pride in being a school where people make the most of fresh starts.

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Clint Barret

Network Administration and Security

NYC Department of Transportation

With over seven years of experience in the field of IT, ASA College graduate Clint Barnett has built a strong career as a Quality Assurance Specialist for the NYC Department of Transportation.  Mr. Barnett sees his current success and future ambitions as springing directly from his time at ASA College where he earned his AAS degree in Network Administration and Security in 2013. He says that ASA’s teachers and staff helped him develop a new mindset, “I understood that my thoughts were powerful – how I think is who I am.” We were always impressed by the intelligence, reliability, and independence that Mr. Barnett demonstrated, and we are so proud that he has made the most of his talent. With hard work and the right degree all current and future ASA College students have the potential to follow Mr. Barnett’s example.

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Minire Seferaj

Criminal Justice

G. Oliver Koppell’s Law Firm

Career Services and our Alumni Association would like to present Minire Seferaj. In 2009, AAS Criminal Justice major Minire Seferaj was our Alumnus of the Year. During her time with ASA College, she was Student Government President, Criminal Justice Club President, Alumni Association President, and an Executive Assistant for the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department. A decade later Ms. Seferaj now oversees the daily operations of New York’s former Attorney General, G. Oliver Koppell’s law firm, which is located on Park Avenue. Her career success is a clear product of her proven track record, and she credits ASA College for giving her an opportunity to demonstrate her management abilities. “Working alongside Academic Affairs in Criminal Justice changed my life,” she says, “I will be forever grateful for the solid education, excellent hands-on-training, and work experience I received.” Every step of the way Ms. Seferaj has achieved and impressed – she is ASA’s Finest.  

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Eugene Slater

Middle School Teacher

“Attending ASA College has changed my life and given me the opportunity to improve the lives of others as an educator. I always intended to teach health education. Earning an MBA and MSHS degrees and teaching are the most rewarding characteristics of my professional career. My background is at the core of my distinctiveness as a middle school teacher. Without a doubt, I consider the success I have in the classroom as my single greatest contribution to the mission of my school. Enormous objectives and concrete outcomes guide my pedagogy. My focus is geared toward helping my students take self-control and ownership of their education. I see myself as a mentor and guide.” Thank you, Eugene, for sharing your story and letting us be part of your journey!

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