The ASA College Veterans Club was formed in 2013 to provide extracurricular support and foster interaction among our many students who have previously served within a military capacity.

Mission Statement:

It is the stated mission of the ASA Veterans Club to provide assistance, advocacy and fellowship to all student veterans of the United States Armed Forces enrolled at the various campuses of ASA College as well as their family members through dedicated facilities and regular events designed to foster an esprit de corps within the ASA College family. To accomplish this, the ASA Veterans Club will participate in veterans activities throughout the New York area, including marching in Veterans Day Parades, raising funds for approved veterans organizations, providing reliable information to student veterans pertaining to educational and other veterans benefits, advocacy on behalf of student veterans with the college administration and other organizations relevant to the academic success of the student veteran, provide liaison between the student veteran and the various student services provided by ASA College and other activities in compliance with the mission of the club. It is the intended goal of the ASA Veterans Club to become a full chapter of Student Veterans of America, the national organization of campus veteran organizations, as soon as possible.

The ultimate goal of the ASA Student Veterans Club is to allow ASA College, to be the first stop in a veterans higher educational experience. ASA College is in a unique position to provide veterans with a first class education as well as outstanding student services tailored to the needs of America’s Veterans, the finest in the world.

Contact Us:

Anthony Brathwaite, Club Advisor
1293 Broadway
4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 672-6488

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!