Student Clubs

At ASA College, we pride ourselves in our diverse student body. To help enhance interaction and participation in all aspects of life on and off-campus, ASA College encourages our students to join and/or form organizations that promote a climate which encourages intellectual, spiritual, social, psychological, cultural, and physical development of all students.

There are a multitude of programs, clubs, academic organizations and services throughout our campuses which are designed to assist students in the complex environment they will find in higher education. Meeting peers with shared interests promotes a sense of community reflective of ASA College’s standards of acceptance and diversity.

On a more personal level, we believe that having a strong sense of self, identity and scholastic merit outside of the classroom promotes healthy habits that promote a rich college experience.

Those interested in exploring the many student activities and clubs offered can do so by via the links listed in the menu or by attending club meetings as they are held.

Explore Our Many Clubs Today!

Use the table below learn more about our many clubs and student organizations on campus!

Peers for Careers

Contact: Career Services Office

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Business Club

Contact: Prof. Carol Alexander

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CMA Club

Contact: Dr. George Armanious
or Dr. Nasser Sedhom

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Computer Technology Club

Prof. Matthew Kenigsberg

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Terminology Club

Contact: Prof. John Ingrassia

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Legal Studies Club

Contact: Prof. Roger Drewal

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Conversation Club

Contact: Prof. Darius Saczuk

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Chinese Students Cultural & Social Club

Contact: Ms. Ling Zhang

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Grammar Club

Contact: Professor Lucy Sedhom

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Self-Defense Through
Martial Arts Club

Contact: Prof. Eugene Schneider

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Veterans Club

Contact: Mr. Anthony Brathwaite

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Health Information Technology Club

Contact: Prof. Rashmi Gaonkar

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Yoga Club

Contact: Prof. Polina Kalyuzhina

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Writing Club, Brooklyn

Contact: Prof. Benjamin Pease

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Writing Club, Manhattan

Contact: Prof. Eileen Ressler

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Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

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Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!