From The Desk Of Dr. Edward Kufuor, Interim Provost

I welcome you to ASA College! Whether you are an applicant, a prospective student researching your educational options, a returning student or a graduate, I hope that ASA’s website will provide you with a lot of exciting and valuable information about our college.

ASA College was founded in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York with the mission of preparing professionals to fulfil key positions in the job market. And till today, the programs at ASA College are designed to prepare you professionally and to create within you a habit for learning that will be with you throughout your life. Many of ASA’s students are first-generation college students who go on to achieve great success academically and professionally. In fact, you may even encounter former ASA graduates as faculty members who have gone on to attain higher degrees and have returned to “give back” to the College that started them up the ladder of success.

ASA College has some unique characteristics that help students achieve success.

  • Programs that prepare you for many recognized industry certifications/licensure examinations and exciting professions
  • The option of taking a full course load in the summer semester thereby completing programs in a shorter timeframe (if no remediation is required)
  • Credentialed and qualified faculty who are dedicated and caring and put their students’ success above everything else
  • Externships in the field of study that provide you with real-life, hands-on experience and often, employment opportunities
  • Career placement assistance from the start of each program including getting part-time jobs in or outside the college during the program of study
  • Unlimited free tutoring at your convenience, face-to-face and online, if needed
  • A robust system of student support services that ensure academic success
  • Many co- and extra-curricular activities including athletic teams to enrich your college experience
  • Free Auditing of any class in your program
  • Intensive preparation for certification/licensure exam at the end of your program of study

ASA College programs and component courses are constantly reviewed and upgraded to fulfill the demands of the job market. Graduates of ASA’s programs can return to ASA to update their skills free-of-charge if necessary without any time limits.

Education is an investment in not only your future but the future of our families, our communities and our country. Together, let us do great things!

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus! We learn not for school but for life!

Good luck!


Edward Kufuor
Interim Provost

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!