Nursing Program (RN)

Become a Registered Nurse With an AAS Nursing Degree


A career in healthcare will enable you to make a meaningful and positive impact on your community. There is a strong demand for qualified healthcare professionals in the U.S., with thousands of new nursing jobs expected to open up in the years to come. ASA College is helping to meet this need by educating the next generation of dedicated registered nurses (RNs). Apply today for admission to our Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Nursing degree program at our campuses in New York City. You could begin pursuing your new career in as few as 20 months.

The AAS Nursing Degree at Our NYC Campus

To earn your associate’s nursing degree at ASA College, you will need to complete 68 credits as follows:

  • 43 credits in nursing
  • 20 credits in general education (including arts and sciences)
  • 5 credits of core classes required by the college

When enrolled on a full-time basis, students can complete these credits in as few as 20 months. Our nursing program blends classroom instruction with hands-on experiences to give our students a solid base of nursing knowledge and the practical skills they will use on a daily basis while caring for patients. The rigorous curriculum is designed to thoroughly prepare future nurses to tackle the challenges of a 21st century healthcare system, with a focus on evidence-based research.

The Division of Nursing at ASA College features faculty members who are highly qualified in the nursing field and state-of-the-art facilities that are fully equipped with modern technology. In addition to classroom learning, students will use our simulation labs to learn how to manage both everyday situations and high-risk scenarios in the healthcare setting.

All nursing program students complete a series of clinical rotations held at hospitals in the New York City area. These clinical rotations allow our students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in real-world situations.

Obtain RN Licensure With the NCLEX-RN

The curriculum of our AAS nursing degree is aligned with the standards of the NCLEX-RN. This is the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). All aspiring RNs must pass this exam in order to obtain the necessary license to work as a nurse. This exam tests your knowledge of core nursing competencies, including the following:

  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Management of care
  • Safety and infection control
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Physiological integrity

Your nursing classes at ASA College will teach you everything you need to know to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN and obtain licensure. You can also receive additional support at the ASA Learning Center, which offers free tutoring and quiet places to study.

After you obtain your nursing license, you will be qualified to pursue nursing jobs across a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to looking for work at one of the many hospitals in the New York City area, you may consider working at one of the following types of facilities:

  • Urgent care centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes
  • Outpatient surgery centers
  • Specialized outpatient clinics
  • Home healthcare agencies

Nursing Program Learning Options

If you are ready to begin a nursing career, ASA is the place to start. Start your nursing career at either our Brooklyn Campus, our Manhattan campus or, remotely!

What is the remote option all about?

If you can’t make it to campus, you’re in luck – the ASA Nursing program is accessible to you from your living room!

Sign up now to learn more about the remote learning options available for the ASA Nursing Program. With Remote learning, you’ll still attend classes at a specific day and time each week, but you can do so from anywhere your WiFi will let you go.

Sign up to get started today.

Further Your Qualifications With the RN to BSN Program

It is not strictly mandatory for a registered nurse to obtain a bachelor’s degree; an associate’s degree and licensure are all that’s required to work as an RN. However, earning your bachelor’s degree will enhance your career qualifications and can allow you to pursue higher-level opportunities. It will also enable you to provide a higher quality of patient care. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree is a stepping stone toward becoming an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).

After earning your AAS and gaining some work experience in the field, you may decide to enroll in ASA College’s RN to BSN program. This nursing program is offered at our Hialeah, Florida campus. However, nurses in New York may complete instructional coursework entirely online via our Blackboard Learning Management System. Hands-on learning experiences and clinical rotations may be completed via our NYC campuses. There is no need to physically reside in Florida.

The RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree is designed especially for RNs who hold an associate’s degree in nursing. It’s an accelerated course of study that builds upon your existing knowledge. This means that, unlike most bachelor’s degrees, the RN to BSN nursing degree does not require a full four years of study.

Our Healthcare Job Placement Services

ASA College is a career-oriented school that guides students in developing practical knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the field. We’re proud to offer extensive job placement services to all of our students, including our future nurses. The Career Services Department offers an array of services, including career-related workshops and events, resume preparation, mock job interviews, and job placement assistance.

In addition, we hold regularly scheduled graduate job fairs and networking events designed to help our students successfully launch and curate their careers. Students working toward a nursing degree are encouraged to take advantage of our healthcare job placement services.

Contact ASA College About Our Nursing Degree in NYC

The nursing program at ASA College is accepting applications from students who are interested in a career that enables them to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Contact us today to learn more about studying to become a registered nurse at our school in New York City. Our welcoming and inclusive campuses offer extensive support to our students because your future is important to us. We look forward to helping you develop your own success story.

Student Right to Know

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Career Outlook

ASA College provides quality education and training to students who face a rapidly changing employment market. We offer a complete range of educational and career support services to facilitate the transition period between the training program and the real work environment. Our facilities contain the most advanced technologies to help every student gain a full understanding of the practical aspects of the nursing profession. The hands-on experience of the classroom is supplemented by our job-placement services. Every aspect of the student’s learning environment is fully supported by experienced and highly qualified instructors.

Many students will elect to further their education to advance their careers. ASA College FL campus offers an RN to BSN Program that offers the didactic portion of the program fully online, with practical experiences offered in NY. RN to BSN Program is designed expressly for associate degree RNs who want to further their educational growth and development. ASA College’s nursing students will find an easy transition into the RN to BSN program as it is taught through the same Blackboard Learning Management System as the AAS in Nursing.
The RN to BSN program builds upon your prior learning reducing unnecessary repetition to minimize your investment of time and money (ask your admission representative for scholarship/discount offers for ASA students). This makes the program uniquely flexible to practicing Registered Nurses with full-time employment commitments.

Students may choose to continue their professional training by taking advanced coursework that will lead to employment in the field of healthcare; or further their education and become Nurse Practitioners, work in research or as leaders and administrators.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Registered Nurses,
on the Internet at (visited July 05, 2019).

Our Benefits

  • The Nursing Program is designed to prepare students to take the challenging NCLEX-RN exam and become a high-level professional in the nursing field.
  • Passing this rigorous examination is necessary to obtain a license to practice as a registered nurse in New York.
  • Job security is always a concern of nursing students, so we created support center for career development and job placement.
  • Our dedicated career support team is available to assist graduates throughout their entire career.

There is a growing need for qualified registered nurses in a variety of healthcare settings.

They include, however are not limited to:

  • acute care hospitals
  • urgent care centers
  • rehabilitation centers
  • nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
  • specialized outpatient services (e.g., hemodialysis, dentistry, podiatry, chemotherapy, endoscopy, and pain management clinics)
  • outpatient surgery centers
  • community and home healthcare settings

Why come to ASA’s Division of Nursing?

  • The Division of Nursing has highly qualified faculty, support staff, state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Our faculty are nurse educators who are clinical leaders and experts within their specialties. They are dedicated and committed to preparing self-directed graduates who will make a difference in their community.
  • Our simulation labs provide our students with state of the art learning.
  • Education through simulation plays a critical role in preparing students to have the confidence and skills they need. 



Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!



Online program only available for New York residents.

*According to Federal Regulations International Students need to attend at least one class per semester on campus.