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News & Reference
These sites are a great jumping off point for current events, research, or just general resources.

  1. NurseZone: Get access to features, journals, and loads of resources through NurseZone.
  2. This site has everything, from education to community.
  3. Nursing World: This website for the American Nurses Association offers lots of up to date news on the world of nursing.
  4. NLM Gateway: Get started researching at the National Library of Medicine and you’ll be able to search all sorts of health-related government information.
  5. Medical News Today: Check out this site for up to date news and information for nurses.
  6. Internurse: This site has an incredible archive of nursing articles.
  7. Forensic Nurse: Get access to articles, news and more for forensic nurses here.
  8. School Nurse News: Whether you’re a school nurse, or just serve children and adolescents, you should check out this site.
  9. PubMed: In this government database, you’ll find information from the International Nursing Index as well as other medical and health science resources.
  10. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library: Get access to loads of nursing research in this database.
  11. Medscape Nurses: On this site, you’ll find news and resources for nurses of all kinds.
  12. Nursing Times: Check out news, features, jobs, and a lot more on this site.
  13. Minority Nurse News: This site offers an index of minority health news.
  14. RN Journal: This site indexes news and information in the healthcare world and nursing.
  15. NurseWeek: Go to NurseWeek for news, community, and job postings.
  16. World Wide Wounds: This journal discusses dressing materials and wound management.

Enjoy camaraderie and guidance from other nurses on these sites.

  1. allnurses: Join allnurses to get access to a community of nurses, great resources, news, and more.
  2. Nursing Link: This nursing community offers forums, education, and a library.
  3. NurseConnect: Network for career advancement, or just make friends with other nurses on this site.
  4. NurseGroups: In this networking community, you’ll be able to make connections with other nurses in your field.
  5. Forum for Nurses: Learn all about different specialties, jobs, and news through this forum.
  6. Nurses Reconnected: Find your friends and coworkers on this site.
  7. Nursespage: Visit this community for discussion, blogs, and more.
  8. Everyday Nurses: Convene with your colleagues on this nursing forum.

These nursing organizations offer networking, certifications, and a lot more.

  1. AORN: The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses provides its members with education, networking and standards.
  2. Association of Rehabilitation Nurses: Get professional resources, awards, certification and more from this association.
  3. American Assembly for Men in Nursing: Male nurses should check out this organization that caters specifically to men in nursing.
  4. The Center for Nursing Advocacy: This organization works to ensure that nurses are portrayed accurately in the media.
  5. Canadian Nurses Association: Join this association, and you’ll help support advocates for Canadian nurses.
  6. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: Check out research, legislation, and issues related to nurse practitioners.
  7. Canadian Nursing Students’ Association: Be a part of the voice that represents nursing students in Canada.
  8. International Council of Nurses: This organization supports nurses worldwide.
  9. American Association of Neuroscience Nurses: This organization supports neuroscience nurses with continuing education, a journal, and lots more.
  10. National Association of Hispanic Nurses: This group promotes Hispanic nurses.
  11. National Student Nurses’ Association: Be a part of mentoring the development of future nurses by joining this association.
  12. American Association of Colleges of Nursing: Check out nursing education, news and more from this association.
  13. National Black Nurses Association: This organization provides grants, publications, and more to promote black nurses.

Get information and guidance on nursing school through these sites.

  1. Discover Nursing: Check out this website to find out why nursing is such a great career.
  2. Student Aid: Here you’ll find financial aid resource publications for federal student aid.
  3. Nursing Student Assistance Programs: Take a look at nursing student loans and more here.
  4. The Online Nursing Degrees Guide: Visit this site to get information on continuing and online education.
  5. CancerNursing: Get free courses, news, and forum discussion on this site for cancer nurses.
  6. NCLEX EXCEL: Check out this program that offers an accredited university-based NCLEX-RN course load.
  7. Sigma Theta Tau Research Grants: This organization sponsors select grants to nurses for research.
  8. Nursing Scholarships: This site has more than 100 resources for scholarships and other financial aid.
  9. HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program: This scholarship program will pay for school costs in return for two years of service at a health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses.
  10. Medi-Smart: This site is full of nursing education resources, as well as help for finding a nursing career.
  11. Nurse 411: Get continuing education on this site that offers courses, review sheets, and more.
  12. eNurseScribe: This site offers great resources for writing nurses.
  13. The Foundation Center for Nursing Research: This center awards grants to a few nurses in pursuit of research.
  14. Here you can find out about a number of different scholarships and grants available to nurses.
  15. NursingCenter: Get connected with more than 800 continuing education activities, loads of articles, journals, and even quizzes.
  16. SkillStat Learning: This site is full of learning tools and a great library.
  17. Online CEUs: Visit this directory to find continuing education in a wide variety of courses.
  18. Get loads of continuing education and even resources for travel nursing jobs on

Stay up to date on the latest nursing gossip and current events through these blogs written by nurses and other health professionals.

  1. ERNursey: On this blog, you’ll get a peek into the emergency room.
  2. Nurse Sean: See how Sean is handling his first year in the ICU.
  3. Clinical Cases and Images: Check out interesting articles, cases, and more on this blog.
  4. GruntDoc: This blog offers a peek into what an emergency physician in Texas goes through.
  5. ImpactEDnurse: Ian Miller discusses news and events on this blog.
  6. Effect Measure: Learn about public health on this blog.
  7. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse: This nurse works in a bustling inner city emergency room.
  8. Blog, Blah, Blah: This nurse blogger has a nice mix of personal stories and nursing.
  9. Cosmic Watercooler: Visit this blog to see a day in the life of a Colorado RN.
  10. Emergiblog: This blog chronicles the daily life of an experienced ER nurse.
  11. How I Spent My Nursing Education: Read all about the adventures of nursing school on this blog.
  12. About a Nurse: This nurse works in a medical-surgery telemetry unit, and tries to find humor in her life and work.

Nursing History
Take a look back at the history of nursing through these sites.

  1. American Association for the History of Nursing: This organization has a historical calendar and lots more.
  2. Country Joe McDonald’s Florence Nightingale Tribute: Learn more about the woman who created the profession of nursing on this site.
  3. Bonnie and Vern Bullough History of Nursing Collection: Check out the artifacts in this library.
  4. Nightingale Letters: On this site, you’ll find an interesting collection of Florence Nightingale letters.

Use these sites to find a great job working as a nurse.

  1. Ultimate Nurse: Find a job as a travel nurse, and so much more here.
  2. Access Nurses: This nurse staffing agency has loads of travel nurse, per diem, and permanent nurse jobs with great pay and excellent perks.
  3. Assignment America: International nurses can get a job working in America through this site.
  4. Nursing Jobs: Get job alerts, career advice, and more on this site.
  5. Nurse Options: This personnel sourcing service can help you find a variety of nursing jobs in the United States.
  6. NurseJobs: Search for jobs and find lots of great resources on this site.
  7. Nurse Recruiter: On top of job listings, this site has loads of resources for job-seeking nurses.
  8. RN Wanted: This website offers nursing jobs in a wide variety of specialities.
  9. GreatNurse: Check out classifieds, post your resume, and get connected with continuing education as well as other nurses.

These sites offer useful information for patient care and general work as a nurse.

  1. Care Plans: Get a good look at the nursing care planning process with this site that has a library and discussion community.
  2. Nursing Ethics: Learn all about codes of ethics and beyond on this site.
  3. RxList: Check out this index to get a look at the most popular drugs on the market.
  4. CenterWatch: Visit this clinical trials listing service to stay up to date on new drug therapies approved by the FDA.
  5. National Guideline Clearinghouse: On the National Guideline Clearinghouse, you’ll be able to research clinical practice guides.
  6. Nursing Calculators: These calculators offer info. on dosages, infusion, IV, and more.
  7. Clinical Calculators: This site has a number of calculation tools, including a Bayesian calculator, pregnancy due date calculator, and measurement converter.
  8. Nursing Theory: Visit this site for loads of links about nursing theories.
  9. Medical Practice Guidelines: This resource offers a wide array of practice guidelines for specific conditions.
  10. Virtual Hospital: Here you’ll get information on a wide variety of conditions and treatments.
  11. Online PDR Resource Center: Check out information from the Nurse’s Drug Handbook online here.
  12. Facts and Comparisons: Take a look at drug information on this site.


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