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One primary purpose of attending college is to prepare for a career after graduation. Many resources can help you accomplish this goal, but if you’re hoping to gain some experience for your resume right out of college, an externship may be the answer.

The way externships work differs from one university to the next. The information here pertains to the ASA College Externship, a program designed to help you build a solid foundation for a successful career in today’s fast-paced business world.

What is an Externship?

An externship is one of the most valuable experiences you can have as a college student. It involves a partnership between your college and an employer in your select field of study. During the externship, you’ll learn real-world skills, network with industry professionals, adjust to working in a corporate environment, and gain a better understanding of your future career.

When you sign up for an externship, your academic and interpersonal skills are matched with a company’s profile and list of expectations. That way, you become an invaluable addition to the business you extern with by contributing the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in the classroom.

How Long Do Externships Last?

While internships often occur over the summer, externships take place during the academic year. They take one semester, or 15 weeks, to complete. You are expected to track your hours and submit timesheets to ensure you fulfill the required contact hours.

Do Externships Provide College Credit?

At ASA College, externships are a required 3-credit course built into our associate degrees. This shows the level of importance we place on this program and its ability to integrate classroom learning with real-world experience related to your major. It’s important to note that externship hours cannot be completed during scheduled class time.

Are Externships Paid?

Because they provide college credit toward your degree, externships are unpaid. This differs from internships, which may have paid opportunities available depending on the employer and their relationship to the school.

What are the Job Expectations of an Extern?

An externship typically involves job shadowing, attending conferences and meetings, performing operational tasks, completing small projects, and working through specialized processes. Externships at ASA replace your final semester, which means you get real life experience in your final year at ASA College.

Can You be “Fired” from an Externship?

You are expected to have a good attitude, demonstrate ethical behavior, and be punctual during your externship. If you have poor work habits, act immorally, or are frequently late or absent, then yes, you can be “fired” or receive an F grade and have to repeat the course.

Begin Your Externship Training

At ASA College in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we offer numerous services for students and graduates to help jumpstart their careers. Externships are one of these services. There’s no better way to lay a solid foundation for successful employment than by completing externship training! To learn more or enroll in our externship program, please visit our website or call us at 866-990-6148 today.


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