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Student guidance concerning remote instruction via Blackboard

Dear ASA Students:

We hope this message finds you all in good health and in a safe environment. If anyone is unable to continue with their studies due to illness, unstable living situations, or any other issue that prevents you from engaging in course requirements at this time please contact administration for assistance.  These guidelines are to help prepare participants for the upcoming remote courses that begin next week on March 30th.

The hope is to preserve as much as possible from the in-person didactic course – since most of you are familiar with the format. However, there are institutional requirements that must be implemented into a remote learning course to achieve college-level credit. All courses will be delivered in real-time during their normally scheduled class time, however, some lectures may be recorded for your review.

  • Remote courses will have an increased writing component, mainly through the discussion boards. This component will facilitate topic specific classroom discussion in the forums.   
  • Classes will be delivered on the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.       
  • Assignments and exams will be assigned and taken through the BlackBoard portal. Due dates and times will be placed on all assignments; thus, please check frequently BlackBoard for due dates and timings during preparations for assignments. 
  • Discussion thoughts posted in the forum should be MEANINGFUL (there are minimum word guidelines, so please check with your instructor for further details)
  • Enter another response(s) to other postings in the discussion forum before the next week’s lecture (there are minimum word guidelines, so please check with your instructor for further details) 

Hopefully, this gives you a working outline to begin planning your day.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor and/or your student advisor via email.  No one will be left behind during this current crisis.

Stay safe and healthy!


ASA College 


Happy Birthday, President Jose Valencia!

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