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ASA College’s Distance Learning Division announces it’s final exam schedule for the Fall 2015 semester.
All exams will take place from Monday, January 25th to Friday, January 29th. The full schedule is below.


Monday, January 25, 20169:00AM – 12:00PM151 Lawrence St., Rm BL-302
Monday, January 25, 20162:00PM – 6:00PM151 Lawrence St., Rm BL-302
Tuesday, January 26, 201611:00PM – 2:00PM151 Lawrence St., Rm BL-302
Friday, January 29, 20164:00PM – 8:00PM151 Lawrence St., Rm BL-204


Tuesday, January 26, 20165:00PM – 8:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH831
Wednesday, January 27, 201610:00AM – 1:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH518
Wednesday, January 27, 20164:00PM – 7:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH831
Thursday, January 28, 20169:00AM – 12:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH518
Thursday, January 28, 20163:00PM – 6:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH831
Friday, January 29, 201611:00AM – 2:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH831

Students need to bring their School ID and Pencil and or Pen to write with to take the final. No one will be allowed to take the final without a School ID. ALL EXAMS WILL BE HARDCOPY PRINTOUTS. The exam process will be closely monitored by the Proctors. Any suspicion of improper behavior or actual cheating will be severely dealt with.

  1. Bringing kids and/or friends to the examination room is STRICTLY prohibited. Failure to adhere to this directive will be one sufficient reason for the proctors to refuse to give the exam to a student.
  2. All exams will be closed book/notes.
  3. The exam will end at the above schedule which means that if you come in to take a 3 hour exam at 7pm on Friday you will still be allowed only 1 hour to complete since the proctor will only be there until 8pm.

Gallery: Peers for Careers Club

Gallery: Peers for Careers Club Yesterday ASA College Career Services held a welcoming party for the newest members of the Peers for Careers Club. Our Guest Speaker, PK Kersey, author of Suited for Success Workshop, shared with our students his experience and some tips on how you can dress for a successful interview. Follow him on Instagram at @thatsuitsyou PFC, in close collaboration with the Career Services Department, will achieve its mission by conducting fun and inspiring events, informative workshops...


Pathways to Success with Assemblymember Walter Mosley

Pathways to Success with Assemblymember Walter Mosley Assemblymember Walter Mosley, a former standout collegiate athlete himself, will be giving a speech, “Student-Athletes: Pathways to Success,” at the Brooklyn campus, on Thursday, 11/21, at 6:00pm, in Room P-102 (383 Pearl Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201). Mr. Mosley was first elected in 2012 to represent the 57th Assembly District which includes the communities of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and parts of Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights.  


Peers For Careers Club – Welcome Party

Peers For Careers Club – Welcome Party The club’s goal is to attract new members by expanding and enhancing the variety of career-related activities on and off-campus. We will strive to cultivate a life-long commitment to professionalism, and stress work ethics as a key to career development.  We view the club as an opportunity to create a solid network of peers and a comprehensive support system for active students in their career aspirations. Thursday, 12/14/2019, at 3pm, at the Manhattan...