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ASA College’s Distance Learning Division announces it’s final exam schedule for the Summer 2015 semester. All exams will take place from Monday, September 14 to Friday, September 18. The full schedule is below.


Monday, September 14, 20159:00AM – 12:00PMLawrence St. Bldg, Rm BL-220
Monday, September 14, 20152:00PM – 6:00PMLawrence St. Bldg, Rm BL-220
Tuesday, September 15, 201512:00PM – 3:00PMLawrence St. Bldg, Rm BL-220
Friday, September 18, 20152:00PM – 8:00PMLawrence St. Bldg,
Rm BL-204 & 202


Tuesday, September 15, 20155:00PM – 8:00PM1293 Broadway,
Rm MH503 & MH506
Wednesday, September 16, 201510:00AM – 2:00PM1293 Broadway,
Rm MH503 & MH506
Wednesday, September 16, 20154:00PM – 7:00PM1293 Broadway,
Rm MH503 & MH506
Thursday, September 17, 20153:00PM – 6:00PM1293 Broadway, Rm MH710
Thursday, September 17, 201510:00AM – 1:00PM1293 Broadway,
Rm MH503 & MH506
Friday, September 18, 20152:00PM – 8:00PM1293 Broadway,
Rm MH503 & MH506


Students need to bring their School ID and Pencil and or Pen to write with to take the final. No one will be allowed to take the final without a School ID. ALL EXAMS WILL BE HARDCOPY PRINTOUTS. The exam process will be closely monitored by the Proctors. Any suspicion of improper behavior or actual cheating will be severely dealt with.

  1. Bringing kids and/or friends to the examination room is STRICTLY prohibited. Failure to adhere to this directive will be one sufficient reason for the proctors to refuse to give the exam to a student.
  2. All exams will be closed book/notes.
  3. The exam will end at the above schedule which means that if you come in to take a 3 hour exam at 7pm on Friday you will still be allowed only 1 hour to complete since the proctor will only be there until 8pm.

We stand together 

We stand together Laws and regulations that single out vulnerable members of our community are divisive and unjust. We stand together. International students representing over 125 countries are enrolled at ASA College. Over 30% percent of our student body is international. With the firmest conviction we believe that international students are crucial to ASA’s stated mission of educating a diverse and qualified student population. No institution of higher learning educates truly qualified students without the diversity of thought, perspectives, and...


NYC Health and Hospitals opens antibody testing to all New Yorkers

NYC Health and Hospitals open antibody testing to all New Yorkers Covid-19 antibody testing previously only offered to health care workforce will now be offered by walk-in at NYC Health + Hospitals 11 acute facilities. All New Yorkers should get a Covid-19 swab test and an antibody test.  (New York, NY – June 26, 2020) — NYC Health + Hospitals today announced expanded, walk-in antibody testing for all New Yorkers. The health system will begin offering free Covid -19 antibody tests...


Welcome to the 2020 Summer Semester!

Welcome to the 2020 Summer Semester! All of you are probably a bit apprehensive, concerned, or even scared.  You are not alone.  We all are.  We are indeed living in extraordinarily challenging times.  I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are continuing to successfully navigate and adapt to the new norms. The good news is that the pandemic appears to have eased in NY and the situation will soon be back to normal.  However, it will not be soon enough to open our on-ground NY campuses for...