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ASA College welcomes our incoming students! To kick off the new semester, we would like to announce this semester’s Freshman Skills Socials Week, from Monday, March 4, 2013 to Sunday, March 10, 2013.

Throughout the duration, our administrators and student services department staff will be visiting classrooms to meet and greet our freshman student body. We will also answer any questions you may have and provide the necessary information to maximize your college experience.

For details of when and where the event will be held, see the schedule below!

Brooklyn Campus
151 Lawrence Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11021
Building BL Rm 330

9-10 amBL-330WhittenWhittenUdeh: Room 330 (2 HOURS)
1-2pmBL-330UdehUdehPeralta: Room 330 (2 HOURS)
2:30 -3:30 p.m.BL-330UdehPeralta
3:30 -4:30 p.m.BL-330PeraltaWhitten


Manhattan Campus
1293 Broadway (One Herald Center)
New York, NY 10001
Building MH-2 RmS 402, 403 & 408

9-10 amTorrence: MH-2, 403Atwood MH-2, 403
Torrence MH-2, 408
Bryant: MH-2, 403Iheagwam: MH-2, 403 Thompson: MH-2, 403
10-11amAnnie Mak: MH-2, 403Atwood: MH-2, 403
11-12pmAnnie Mak: MH-2, 403
Torrence: MH-2, 408
Atwood: MH-2, 403
Agoglia: MH-2, 408
Bryant: MH-2, 403Iheagwam: MH-2, 403
12-1pmTorrence: MH-2, 403Agoglia: MH-2, 403
1-2pmTorrence: MH-2, 403Atwood: MH-2, 403 Ortega: MH-2, 403Calderon: MH-2, 403Annie Mak: MH-2, 403
2:30 -3:30 p.m.Ortega: MH-2, 403Atwood: MH-2, 403
3:30 -4:30 p.m.Torrence: MH-2, 403Ortega: MH-2, 403
3-5pmWlodarczyk: MH-2, 403
5-6pmOrtega: MH-2, 403
Eddins: MH-2, 402
Torrence: MH-2, 403
Thompson: MH-2, 402
6-7pmEddins: MH-2, 403Torrence  MH-2, 403Wlodarczyk: MH-2, 403
7-8pmEddins: MH-2, 403Ortega: MH-2, 403
8-9pmCalderon: MH-2, 403Ortega: MH-2, 403
9-10pmCalderon: MH-2, 403Ortega: MH-2, 403





President’s message on the current crisis

President’s message on the current crisis We remember vividly, when on March 13, 2020, we had just made the decision to transition our on-ground classes to online, due to a virus that had been posing a health threat in other parts of the world.  Over the next 2.5 months, this virus, known as COVID-19, became a once-in-a-century pandemic.  It attacked the lungs, and it made breathing difficult. How ironic that, over the past memorial weekend, “breathing difficult” became news again. ...


Summer 2020 Registration New and Improved

Summer 2020 Registration New and Improved NY students, We would like to offer all of you an easier and faster way to register for the Summer 2020 semester and beyond. While we are still available 7 days a week to help you one-on-one, please take a few minutes to see if you can crystallize your choices for your schedule next semester by using this very handy tool. You can find the link in your student portal or just click here:


UHC CP continues to help students apply for medical coverage

NY Students: UHC CP continues to help students apply for medical coverage. Representatives are available to answer any questions regarding UHC CP services and help you apply for insurance over the phone. For more information, please contact: Escarlys De La Hoz at (646) 691 – 7603 Flor Pena at (917) 292 – 2676 Daniela Dobraj at (347) 447 – 8613