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Gallery: ASA Division of Legal Studies kicked off its Program Advisory Committee meetings


Last Wednesday ASA Division of Legal Studies kicked off its Program Advisory Committee meetings. These meetings are multipurpose and will help us be future-oriented. The assembled participants discussed developing, evaluating, maintaining, and improving both programs – Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies – within Legal Studies to better support our student population, current, future and, alumni.

Seny Taveras, Chairperson of ASA Division of Legal Studies says, “We had a historic meeting with our newly formed Advisory Board Members for the Legal Studies Division who are world-class professionals in the field of law enforcement, legal and academia. Included are the Bronx Civil Court, Legal Aid Society, New York City Police Department among others. The discussed topics included the employability of our current students, the course content for Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies, and the benchmarking of our program content against the standards established at fellow colleges. The overall goal was to ensure ASA’s curriculum is compatible with other colleges, as ASA is committed to preparing students with the skills to do the job, and if they choose, to pursue higher education once they graduate. These are the best practices that ASA is implementing. By assembling the advisory committee, ASA has taken crucial steps to gather and implement recommendations and advice from experts in the field. ASA is grateful to our members for participating and accepting to continue as members.”

Participated in the first meeting

Mr. Jose Valencia – ASA President

Dr. Shanthi Konkoth – ASA Provost

Seny Taveras – Chairperson of ASA Division of Legal Studies

Ms. Maria Sarmiento – Director of Alumni Affairs and ASA Career

Services Development

Zamir Ben-Dan-Legal Aid Society – Staff Attorney, Criminal Division

Professor. Donna Dwyer – ASA

Professor Shaun Winter, ASA

Sgt. Johnny Nunez – Executive Officer, Executive Development Unit, Leadership Training Section and NYPD Police Academy

Sammy Ravelo – Lieutenant NYPD

Carlos Moreno Esq. – CUNY

Jonathan Rivers, Esq.


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