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Digital Marketing Director Denys Kapush’s Commercial Receives Award for Highlighting ASA College Student Success


ASA College’s Director of Digital Marketing, Denys Kapush, was featured in the June 17th publication of the Queens Daily Eagle under the headline, “ASA College Video Commercial Wins International Film Festival Manhattan Award.” The only daily print newspaper covering Queens communities, the Daily Eagle is well-known for informing New York residents about the accomplishments and positions of community leaders in politics, education, and the arts.

Success in an International film festival – in a category featuring 11 other entrants from France, China, the Philippines, and the United States – is no small feat. Winning the Silver Excellence Award, the film “ASA College Success Stories” touched and inspired the IFFM judges. Specifically, they made note of Mr. Kapush’s digital storytelling, his interweaving of three different student stories around a common theme of educational uplift. Each student discussed their journey from difficulty to opportunity – to career growth and further educational pursuits.

When asked about his inspiration, Mr. Kapush said, “At ASA, we’re proud of this video and award because we believe it is representative of our offering. Every day, students have a fantastic opportunity to make friends from all around the world and learn firsthand about a variety of nationalities, religions, and cultures in the classroom setting as well as outside of it. Our marketing team has to showcase all the amazing and life-changing moments happening every day at ASA and present them to the world. At ASA College, no student is left behind.”

We couldn’t be prouder of Mr. Kapush for bringing our vision of ASA college to a wider audience. Our faculty, staff, and students witness stories such as those shown in “ASA College Success Stories” every day. Yet without the aid of Mr. Kapush’s digital marketing, others would never know our truth.

To read the full article about Mr. Kapush’s award-winning commercial and directorial vision, visit the Queens Daily Eagle at ASA College Video Commercial Wins International Film Festival Manhattan Award.


Watch Kapush’s award-winning commercial below.


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