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Today ASA College President Jose Valencia & staff visited Mayor Carlos Hernandez’s office at Hialeah City Hall. They discussed the consolidation of all business operations under the support of the City of Hialeah, a partnering to create internship opportunities, and more. ASA College is grateful for its positive relationship with the city and leadership of Hialeah. Also attended the meeting: Kenney Wilcox, Managing Director of Operations/Sr. Director of Athletics, Matthew Fiorentino, Externship Coordinator/community relations and Jorge Alvarez, President of MCE Partners.





2019 Graduation Ceremony

Gallery: 2019 Graduation Ceremony We had an unforgettable 2019 Graduation Ceremony at Madison Square Garden! It was a time to remember – accomplishments inspire us to achieve that next goal. Here are some of the best pictures we took. Access the link to view and download your pictures: We are so proud of each one of our 2019 Graduates!  


Jordey The Movie by Professor Michael Thomas Cain

Jordey The Movie by Professor Michael Thomas Cain Professor Michael Thomas Cain who teaches in the Division of Arts and Sciences is also a Filmmaker. Jordey The Movie,¬†which he wrote, directed, and produced under Forgotten Artist Productions, has been garnering recognition at film festivals. Recently, Professor Cain attended the 2019 Action On Film Megafest and the 2019 Hollywood Dreamz Film Festivals in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the movie was screened as an Official Selection. It was nominated for Best Children’s...


South Asian Cultural Festival

You are invited to our South Asian Cultural Festival. Come to enjoy and learn with us about the culture and traditions of South Asian countries. The event will include music, dance, presentations, and Henna Tattoo. Meet friends, eat, and have fun! At the Manhattan Campus on Thursday, August 22nd from 4 Pm to 6 PM in room 710-711.