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Ace your Interview with these Tips

If you’re a recent or soon-to-be college graduate, you’re probably excited about finding your first post-college job. You’re looking forward to a new career, but you probably don’t have much experience interviewing for jobs. Not to worry- we’ve got some tips to help you ace your interview and land the job you want.

  • Learn as much about the job as possible. At a minimum, study the company’s website. Additionally, do your homework, researching not just the job and the organization but also the industry in general and the competition. Reach out to people you know, and tap into your parents’ network to learn more, and look to business magazines, newspapers, and trade journals for in-depth information.
  • Be prepared for common questions. Most interviewers ask similar questions, so plan your answers ahead of time. These questions include: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What’s your greatest accomplishment?” “Talk about a time you failed and how you handled it.” “Why do you want this job?” Rehearse your answers so much that they become almost automatic. Make sure that your answers show how you’d be a boon to the company.
  • Rehearse a few anecdotes. Having some stories from your resume that relate to the job you’re seeking can demonstrate your capabilities. Describe a situation in which you encountered a problem, explain how you improved the situation and the results.
  • Have some questions of your own. Prepare some questions ahead of time that demonstrate your knowledge of the company, the industry, and the job you want. Be specific about things happening in the company.
  • Be prepared to explain why they should hire you. Using vocabulary that references the job description, answer questions in a way that shows how you will add value to the company. While being tactful, indicate what they’d gain by hiring you.
  • Dress and behave professionally. Be clean, neat, and well-mannered, and speak properly. Demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm, while maintaining a calm demeanor.
  • Practice ahead of time. Practice your interview out loud, preferably with a friend or mentor who can offer feedback.
  • Leave on a positive note. Be enthusiastic and positive, and thank your interviewer for the opportunity. Even if you feel anxious or don’t think it went well, keep smiling and show confidence.
  • Remember to follow up. You can send a thank you note to your interviewer via email, but for a more impressive gesture, go for a hand-written thank you note.

At ASA College, we want to help our students succeed. That’s why we offer our students job placement assistance, including career counseling, resume preparations and review, career related workshops and events, mock interviews, and more. Our mission is to prepare our diverse student population for the challenges of today’s competitive job market. At ASA, you’ll find high-quality degree and certificate programs that respond to the needs of students and employers in a global economy, all based in a student-centered environment. Call us at 866-515-7188 or contact us for more information.


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