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    Medical Billing and Coding

    Certificate Program

    The Medical Billing and Coding program offers a comprehensive, learning curriculum designed to provide students with a strong foundation on which to build a successful career as a coding and billing specialist.

    A well-rounded curriculum offers students the knowledge and skills in the technical areas of the insurance industry, computer technology, federal and state regulations, medical billing and insurance coding systems, coding techniques for physicians, basic medical office administration, extensive practice in preparing medical claims as well as anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. In addition, students will become proficient in the use of Medical Manager and Medisoft software programs, as well as Microsoft Office Suite products.

    Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate should possess the competencies and knowledge required to function successfully as a medical biller and coder by demonstrating the ability to:

    • Identify and organize components of the medical record in a professional manner appropriate to various real-world situations.
    • Use medical terminology to describe health conditions and human disease in the context of anatomy and physiology.
    • Code clinical data and prepare medical insurance claims for reimbursement purposes.
    • Abstract information from patient records and utilize medical billing software to accurately enter data, transactions, payments and appointments.
    • Apply ethical and legal principles and standards for the control, release and use of health information.

    At the conclusion of this program, students will have two optional opportunities:

    • Students can become nationally certified by the NHA (National Healthcare Association)
    • Students to continue their education in one of the degree programs offered in the division
      Upon graduation, students will be prepared to begin their role as a coding and billing specialist in doctor offices, clinics, insurance companies, and home-based billing services; performing a variety of duties including medical insurance coding and billing; completing and submitting medical insurance forms; creating and maintaining medical charts; preparing reports and correspondence; abstracting data from medical reports, and complying with HIPAA regulations.

    The Certificate program in Medical Billing and Coding requires the successful completion of 30 semester credit hours for graduation.

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    At ASA College, no student is left behind. We care about each student and provide incredible support on their academic and professional journey.


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