Medical Assisting Club/CMA Club

What is the new Medical Assisting Club/CMA Club?

Medical Assisting ClubThe Medical Assisting/CMA Club is an opportunity for medical assisting students to socialize with faculty, staff, alumni, and with one another in an environment that promotes both work and fun. The club will provide the students with recreational and educational events and impart a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Students will be supported in their academic and professional endeavors, which include the successful completion of the CMA exam.

Apply online here:

CMA Club Application

Please complete your application, print it out, and submit the hard copy to the Club President, Mr. Issac Markowitz, Room W203, Brooklyn Campus.

Club Mission:

The main goals of the Club are to convey to Medical Assisting students the importance of their education, career path, and successful completion of their CMA examination upon graduation. We hope to actively engage students in a manner that will promote positive attitudes, self-efficacy, and sense of commitment of their studies and their profession.

Activities and Schedules:

  • The Club will meet on a biweekly basis
  • Meetings will be held at the Brooklyn campus for the Spring 2012 semester
  • A visit to some partnership firms in New York City
  • Recreational and educational activities will be included
  • Club members will have the chance to visit selected New York City cultural exhibits
  • Guest speakers will be invited
  • New academic technologies will be presented

Contact us:
Manhattan Advisor
George Armanious

Brooklyn Advisor
Dr. Nasser Sedhom, Club Faculty Advisor

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!