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Massage Therapy student – Devante Thomas

Hi! My name is Devante and I am a student in the Massage Therapy program here at ASA College. I have always considered myself a people person, and when I learned a little bit about massage I thought this might be just the career for me! I heard it pays really well compared to many other programs and that in New York it is a licensed profession, meaning I can work for legitimate spas, gyms, cruise lines as well as starting my own practice – something I often dream about.

One of the best things about learning this trade here at ASA College is my ability to learn with and from my amazing classmates and the experienced and patient teachers of Western and Eastern theories as well as the science of massage. Myology is the study of the muscles and Kinesiology is the study of the movement of the skeletal system by muscles.
I am close to graduation, and I can’t really say it wasn’t work, but anything that pays well and offers career opportunities is going to require you to study and learn. The funny thing is that I find this field so interesting, it seems more like fun than work. Another cool thing about ASA is the beautiful clinic we have here on Pearl Street with private rooms and exceptional cleanliness. It really makes us all feel like we are working in a retail spa and out clinical supervisors are so professional. They teach us every aspect of this great profession.

Recently, my professor asked if I would be interested in demonstrating some of the chair massage techniques I learned in his class to English as a second language ASA graduates. I jumped at the chance, and I sure am glad I did. On ESL Expo day, August 11 th, I spent a good part of the day massaging students and explaining what I love most about my chosen profession. I think the students were able to pick upon my excitement and I do think many were surprised at just how much money you can make fresh out of school with the clinical experience ASA provides.

We had a great day in Manhattan, and I invited any interested students to contact us and perhaps sit through a class alongside my fellow students to really see what the experience is like. I also encouraged them to book a massage in our clinic, free for ASA College students and Alumni, by calling.

I think anyone who experiences the relaxation, and therapeutic effects of massage will be hooked. I know I was from my first time, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to attend college, earn an associate degree and be prepared to lake the New York Licensed Massage Therapist exam in January.
To book a massage you can call (718) 522-9073
You can speak to our program director about enrolling or visiting a class in our program by calling Dr. Newman at (201) 477-0003 or speak with your career counselor.





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