System Administrator / Active Directory Administrator

Job Description

  • Responsible for day-to-day administration duties including Windows Active Directory object maintenance, Conducts complex troubleshooting and repair tasks on Active Directory, Windows Server 2008-2019, Domain Controllers, DNS, user authentication and other operational systems as needed.
  • Writes scripts utilizing Directory Services to provide Identity Management and User/Group management tools utilizing Active Directory as the backbone for the Identity Access Management implementation.
  • Provides technical review of existing implementations and administrative practices (account and network administration, GPOs, OUs, DNS, etc.)
  • Administers Users, Group and Computer objects and create Group Policy using Group Policy Management Console.
  • Participates in data cleansing efforts including remediation of duplicate user ID’s, Directory Information Tree (DIT) redesign and modification recommendations, consolidation of Group Policy Objects, and implementation of access restrictions and auditing.
  • Provides basic training and support for design and administrative team members.
  • Experience in windows deployment solutions (SCCM, Ghost, etc).
  • Serves as in-house expert on best practices and efficient solutions supporting the Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy to ensure proper implementation and leveraging of the Identity Management solutions.
  • Establishes service specifications to other systems including permissions modification, deletion, role definitions, reclassification and other similar access management related functions.
  • Maintains the enterprise identity management infrastructure and performs considerable work in the development and implementation of workflows and data integration/transformations in an identity management system.


Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)


  • Ability to install, configure and troubleshoot Active Directory and DNS for Active Directory, as well as skills necessary for Group Policy and Active Directory Security solutions.
  • Heavy Active Directory and Directory Services knowledge necessary.
  • Hands-on project experience designing and implementing custom identity workflows, resource provisioning and role based access controls.
  • Working experience of lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • Working experience of operating-system administration skills of Windows Server 2008-2019.
  • Specific training and certifications is a plus.
  • Power Shell, VB Script, Java Scripting is a plus.

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