Legal Studies Faculty

ASA College invites applications for a non-tenure track position as Lecturer in Legal Studies, beginning Fall 2019. The successful candidate will teach courses in criminal justice courses.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist with development of Criminal Justice program course outcomes consistent with Academic Affairs, Legal Studies Division, and Criminal Justice program goals;
  • Convey course outcomes and expectations to students according to college policy;
  • Organize and manage instructional activities;
  • Use appropriate learner-centered instructional methods;
  • Provide evaluation methods appropriate to stated outcomes;
  • Evaluate student learning in a fair manner;
  • Posts and maintains sufficient office hours compatible with student schedules;
  • Maintain accurate records of evaluation and course work including attendance;
  • Submit grades as required and on time;
  • Participate in college evaluation system of instructional services;
  • Assist with the recruitment and placement of criminal justice and other ASA college students;
  • Encourage students’ involvement in the advising process;
  • Advise student having difficulty in class work;
  • Direct students to appropriate department and college resources;
  • Maintain confidentiality;
  • Identify own professional development needs consistent with the mission of the college;
  • Participate in department, Academic Affairs, and College faculty/staff development programs.
  • Work constructively to resolve individual and department concerns;
  • Actively participate in department activities and meetings;
  • Is familiar with the mission and philosophy of ASA College;
  • Follows ASA College policies and procedures;
  • Contribute to the assessment of student academic achievement;

Qualifications – Education, Experience, and Skills


  • A JD or master’s degree in Criminal Justice or related field from a regionally accredited institution
  • 3-5 years of experience working in the Criminal Justice Field a plus
  • Evidence of excellence in teaching at the college level
  • Familiar with Blackboard and online education
  • Evidence of professional development in the field
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills
  • Strong technology skills (usage of email, student information system, etc.


  • Knowledge of learners and individual learning styles.
  • Interest in and commitment to the learner-centered educational process.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Caring attitude toward students.
  • Learning and self-motivation skills.
  • Positive attitude.

Job Type: Part-time

Location: New York, NY

Application Form

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