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Health Information Technology at ASA College

Start your path to an exciting and rewarding career in health information technology today by enrolling in the associate degree program at ASA College with campuses in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. The Health Information Technology (HIT) program prepares students to become essential members of the health information management profession, equipped with knowledge and understanding in the field of health care information technology. With comprehensive in-class learning and an externship during the last semester for real-life work experience, our curriculum prepares students to take the first steps into a rapidly growing field. Contact us to learn more about health information technology careers today!

Learn About the HIT Program at ASA College

Health care information technology is a vital part of patient medical care that uses data technology to safely and accurately store critical patient information so that it is readily available for medical treatment, billing, legal use, and more. Our curriculum prepares students to enter this field with the knowledge to:

  • Collect, tabulate, compute, and prepare statistical reports for use by the medical staff, administration, governing board, and authorized agencies.
  • Code clinical data for research and other reporting purposes.
  • Perform reviews of health information for patient care evaluation, quality improvement, and utilization management.
  • Apply ethical and legal principles and standards for the control, release, and use of health information.
  • Utilize computers to compile data, process information for prospective payment systems, and perform various other data analysis projects.

Health Information Technology Program Learning Options

ASA College prides itself on offering high-quality and also, high levels of flexibility. That said, your Health Information Technology program can be completed in a variety of different ways.

Remote Instruction at ASA College: What is the remote option? Here, you still attend classes with a professor, at a specific day and time, but you can do so virtually, from your computer, even if studying internationally!

This is the ultimate combination of direct instruction combined with commuter flexibility.

On-Campus or Fully Online: Next, courses for this program are also offered on-campus and fully online (meaning, recorded videos and you can work at your own pace.)

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Note: If you are working on a BS in Healthcare Management, these courses are offered 100% online only. Additionally, if you’re studying internationally through remote learning, you will have to come to the campus in New York at least once per semester.

The Skills You Need to Succeed

The HIT curriculum addresses all of the essential skills necessary to thrive in a career in health information technology. Students participate in discussions of ethical, legislative, and regulatory issues relative to the day-to-day operations in a health care facility. Our real-world preparation teaches about advancements in technology and how it is used. We build on essential writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills vital when interacting with various people, including medical professionals, patients, and external partners. Our goal is to ensure that each enrolled student leaves our program with a high level of integrity.


Enter the Growing Field of Health Information Management

Health information management technology skills are highly sought after. The demand for professionals in the field is growing due to the rise in medical treatments and procedures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22% increase in medical records and health information technicians’ jobs through 2022. Graduates of the associate’s degree program learn to organize and technically evaluate health information, including collecting, managing, and protecting patient data. The careful review of medical records and data organization ensures accurate and precise health information records for future use.

Career Opportunities in Health Care Information Technology

Successful completion of the HIT associate’s degree program at ASA College puts you on a path towards a rewarding career in various industries, including health care corporations, software companies, and government agencies. Possibilities include:

  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Health information departments
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Health insurance companies

Enroll in the Health Information Technology Degree Today

Health information technology is a growing career field with job possibilities nationwide. The health care program for college students at ASA College offers classes at three locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Each campus provides the opportunity to learn the skills you need to enter into a new and exciting career. In addition to the many job opportunities, students completing the program are eligible to sit for national industry certification exams such as the Certified Professional Coder Examination (CPC), administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) administered by the National Health Career Association (NHA), and the CCA and CCS-P Certification exams given by AHIMA.  Take the first step in applying to our Associate in Applied Science Degree Program today!


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Online program only available for New York residents.

*According to Federal Regulations International Students need to attend at least one class per semester on campus.