Faculty Hall of Fame

Wanda Jones

Professor Wanda Jones

Division of Engineering and Technology

Computer Programming & Information Technology (AOS)


Students Feedback

This professor was very understanding and helpful, I had moments where I wanted to quit school but her sessions were so easy going and detailed, I gained motivation from it and decided to keep going!! She absolutely the best.


I absolutely appreciate professor Jones’ patience with everyone and want to thank her for being a great teacher. I have no complaints.


I truly enjoyed and love Ms. Jones’s class she is one of the most patient professors I ever meet The way she teaches is amazing she breaks down steps also spends a lot of time explaining the dos and don’ts for each assignment. She is very funny she has an upbeat personality, never once was rude or nasty. I understood everything so well I wish I had her for my next computer technology course it’s unfortunate she has to teach the remedial courses, She is the bomb. One of my Favorite Professors. Ms. Jones is great at what she does.


I want to thank Professor Wanda Jones for making my Computer Technology course an extremely wonderful and welcoming experience. I am eternally grateful because I have always been afraid of computers. Thank you. 


I would like to take this time to thank you. This course was really helpful to me and you made it easy for me to follow along. My only complaint I have is that I can’t have you for my CIS 100 class.


My instructor is the best she knows about everything in this course thank you for being my teacher professor and I hope I have you again to teach my other classes.




Professor Carlos Moreno

Division of Legal Studies

Criminal Justice (AAS)


Students Feedback

This was the best class over the 4 semesters I have been in ASA, Professor Moreno is definitely an expert in immigration.


Professor Moreno is a great professor, he explained the course in every detail and very organized. He can point out the main important context of immigration law.


Professor Carlos Moreno inspires students with his professionalism. Always ready for the class minutes early. Explain content at an excellent pace. He is indeed confident about the content and answer to each question presented. He expects students to be active during class time. Carlos Moreno believes in formal education. Thank you for the experience.


Professor Moreno really engaged in not only past events but current events. We were able to express our emotions in a respectful manner to the events occurring today. He also made sure that the class fully understand everything.


I had the pleasure of being in Professor Carlos Moreno’s “Ethics & Criminal Justice” and “Diversity and Criminal Justice class in the Spring and Fall of 2020 respectively. Right from the first day of class, Professor Moreno impressed me with his excellent interpersonal and communication skills, ability to articulate and teach difficult concepts of Criminal Justice to enable students to grasp them with ease in an exciting academic environment. I was especially impressed with his expertise in the law as well as his experience and patience to work with students with various academic abilities. I always communicated with Professor Moreno on issues of academia, and he would communicate back to me through emails, text messages, and announcements on Blackboard, in a very timely fashion. Perhaps most impressive to me has been his proven experience as a Criminal Justice/Legal Studies instructor; always demonstrating a good knowledge of both historical and current Criminal Justice and Legal Studies such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Storming of the Capitol,” juxtaposed in the course of his lectures. The professor is truly an astute and forever a dedicated educator whose useful feedback and positive attitude towards students have earned him the nickname “GPA Fricky. Professor”. Throughout both semesters I had him, professor Moreno demonstrated his empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of students of varying intellectual abilities; along with shrewd powers of observation, all qualities that make him outstanding as an instructor of Criminal Justice. always striving for the success of all his students. He is always firm but always finding ways to engage his students. I was always delighted by his constructive feedback so his struggling students can improve their writing skills. He even specifically gave took it upon the instructor of an English Professor, teaching us the skills of “How to write ad essay,” all with the devotion of equipping his students with writing skills, a rare and impressive quality in a college professor. To me professor Moreno has demonstrated excellence in all he put his mind to; whether it’s about lecturing about “The Black Lives Matter, the “Storming of the Capitol at Washington,” or i giving a speech at one of my President and Dean’s Honor events, all with a goal to inspire his students to reach their maximum intellectual performance. Professor Moreno’s keen interest in students and inspiration for student growth and achievement leads me to believe that students who have the privilege to be taught by him would have “stood on the shoulders of intellectual giants.” It is unfortunate that I will miss this wonderful professor, but I have asked him if he is my mentor as I pursue my graduate studies. Professor Moreno remains an admirable asset at ASA College. I am confident Mr. Moreno will continue to demonstrate the same dedication that he showed me and my classmates – not only equipping Criminal Justice/Legal Studies students with the tools to grasp the fundamental principles of diversity and ethics, but also continue to help and inspire students to achieve their academic dreams and professional goals in order to succeed in their communities and the world beyond. It is my hope that Professor Moreno would be rewarded and recognized by the “powers that be” and top management, for his truly tangible unwavering dedication to the promotion of higher education at ASA College, the United States, and the world beyond. I learned a lot in this course, and it would be difficult and unjust for me to lie or to be negative about the “Diversity & Criminal Justice” course; for to be negative about the “Diversity and Criminal Justice” course would be to act against my conscience, and to “act against my conscience” and lie about the “Diversity & Criminal Justice” course is “unsafe and unholy.” Keep up the good work professor Moreno!! – Your Beloved student, Charlesworth.



Prof. Isil Holder


Professor Isil Holder

Division of Health Disciplines


Students Feedback

I find online classes very interesting, which I would recommend to others. I have learned a lot, especially to have a better interpretation of the medical area. I am very happy with my instructors.

All I can say is the best instructor by far very knowledgeable in whats she was teaching as well as effective online student participation Professor Holder made it a join to come to class and learn I appreciate her more than she will ever know for being that extra push when I had none thank you for teaching me.

I have learned more than expected, you well explained everything. This class will be helpful for life. Thank you.

Thank you Prof. Holder for your effort to teach me all there is to know about this course, to help me increase my knowledge and hands-on skills in the field.

I would like to thank all of my instructors because of their support, helps suggestions, and kind gestures I’m blessed that I get them around this semester. I know we all pass a very tough time. All my instructors understand our situation and give us proper guidance. But I like and prefer the on-campus class more than the online class. I believe everything gets back its shape very soon. Thank you.

The greatest Professor of all time can’t say anything more I appreciate you and thanks for teaching me it definitely was effective and will follow me throughout my career.

Professor Holder is a joy to have she explains everything clearly and always available if you need help.

I would definitely like to tell Ms. Holder thank you for the pushing and the motivation you have given not just to me but the class as a whole. I appreciate your ability to teach and remain strict and make sure we knew what and how to complete your work. I respect Ms. Holder to the upmost She is definitely a Professor as well as a person I will never forget. During the course of me coming to class my personal life kids and family, no income being scared and the feeling of feeling alone going into a depression. Ms. Holder, I thank you I can’t say it enough you were that encouragement, motivation, and push that got me through. Thank you for definitely being a Great Educator under these trying times and conditions. Thank you for the work you do. I appreciate you and thank you for helping me get through. There is not enough words that I can say to say thank you.

Thanks for being the greatest professor of all I appreciate you didn’t make the course easy you made me think and use my books ty reading is fundamental.

Thanks for being the greatest professor of all I appreciate you didn’t make the course easy you made me think and use my books ty reading is fundamental.



Michael Bimpeh

Dr. Michael Bimpeh

Division of Business

Business Administration (AAS)


Students Feedback

Dr. Bimpeh is a very talented and great teacher and he is the only teacher who always is very clear with the instructions and guidance.

The professor is kind, helpful, and passionate. I liked this course, but honestly, I didn’t like the text we used. First, any chapters are too long, and it is tiring and sometimes confusing. Plus, even though the book gives us some examples, and some of them are about my country, I didn’t think the example was 100% correct.

Dr. Bimpeh is an amazing professor, his classes are easy to understand and he is very flexible. He understands when students are not feeling their best that day and does not put much pressure on them.

The professor is patient and generous for the students. I am surprised he puts up with some of the students as they do not even bother to read his announcements with caution.

My comments about the teacher are quite positive, he is super passionate about teaching, and at the same time, we manage to transfer that energy to us, I think the school should have more teachers of this quality.



Professor Zakir Islam

Arts and Science Division


Students Feedback

I love Prof. Islam. He is an outstanding Math Teacher. this has been my favorite Math class! I have learned so much. I love, Love DeltaMath. I have learned so much in this class. I love group work. Thank you Prof. Islam for being such an outstanding Prof. My God continue to bless you.

Professor Islam is great. He is an expert in math and the way he conducted the class was very nice, inclusive, helpful, cool and fun. Math is not easy for me, but he made it zero stressful and gave us access to a platform called DeltaMath which is awesome.

Mr. Islam is an excellent Math professor. I’ve learned a lot from his class and I love that he provided Delta Math which also assisted when class was over.

Thank you Professor Islam for renewing my confidence in Math, I CAN now face Algebra with the conviction that I KNOW what I am doing. Thank you.



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