Faculty Council

Institutions of higher education consists of three components- the institution’s administration, the faculty, and the student body. The faculty is the central conduit of administration policies and procedures in achieving an institutions academic success for its student body.  The faculty is that proverbial “frontline”. ASA College has a diverse faculty that works hard, engaging with the students under the direction of the policies and procedures expected by the ASA College Administration. The Faculty Council has that central and vital role of communicating between the two- the faculty as a whole and the administration.

The ASA Faculty Council consists of (16) sixteen faculty members and (2) ex officio members. The Faculty Council represents the diversity of the ASA College faculty, and this diversity is reflected in its members that are both full time and part time faculty and is comprised of each of the academic divisions at ASA College. As higher education moves away from the hibernation of the pandemic, it is the Faculty Councils role to draw upon the experiences and knowledge of its faculty members and address the changing dynamics of higher education in a post pandemic environment. Much in higher education has changed since March 2020 and the ASA College Faculty Council will serve as a vehicle for change in its responsibility to the ASA College administration, the faculty members and most importantly, our students.


The Faculty Council shall concern itself and be responsible with all matters of teaching, research, scholarship, curriculum standards, the conduct of educational affairs throughout the College Divisions, concern itself with administrative & personnel issues of Faculty of ASA College…The Council will make recommendations and be considered the voice of the faculty on all matters related to faculty by acting through the interchange of ideas among faculty and with administration and to provide a forum for the consideration of matters of mutual interest to the members of the faculty and/or the student body.



Much in higher education has changed since March 2020 and the Faculty Council should serve as a vehicle for change in its responsibility to ASA College, the faculty members and especially our students.



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Last Name First Name
Apolo Nancy
Ayloo Sridevi
Lewis Wanda
Ressler Eileen
Winter Shaun
Rusinov Aleksandr
Duncan Wilton
Sedhom Lucy
Veloz Victor
Singh Sanjulika
Saratchilova Svetlana
Chemrah Abdellah
Barteldes Ernest
Iqbal Abdur
Chalmers Trudy
Naymagon Valery
Kasimova Ksenia
Perrenod William

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