Division of Health Disciplines

The Division of Health Disciplines offers a broad array of health related degree and certificate programs. The programs combine quality classroom and clinical instruction to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively as health professionals, who care for the sick, administer hospitals, attend to the pharmaceutical care needs of the public, and assist elderly or physically challenged individuals.

With more than sixty faculty and twenty support staff members, state-of-the-art facilities and technology, the Division is committed to maintaining high academic standards, and producing quality graduates. Our offerings provide a variety of educational opportunities in healthcare field, including medical assisting, medical billing and coding, healthcare office administration, pharmacy technology, and health information technology. To ensure professionalism and quality of educational outcomes, all programs within the Division lead to industry certifications and/or licensure.

The Division’s approach to teaching is highly stimulating, motivational and interactive thus assuring a true learning experience for all students. A combination of classroom, and where applicable, laboratory courses and clinical learning experiences are experienced throughout.

The Division of Health Disciplines is a rapidly growing academic unit, which in the future will incorporate new programs and new disciplines. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “faster than average” growth in allied health professions through 2012 due to a shortage of healthcare professionals. The Division is prepared for the challenge this shortage brings. A world of health career opportunities awaits our graduates and students

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