FAQs and Answers About Our Degree Programs in NYC

Explore the Degree Programs at ASA College in NYC

ASA College invites prospective students to learn more about the degree programs available at our campuses in Hialeah, Florida and New York City, NY, as well as online. We are pleased to offer degree programs in areas that are in demand by modern employers, such as business administration, healthcare, and criminal justice. Each of our degrees is thoughtfully designed to instill core competencies and actionable knowledge that is immediately applicable in the field, enabling our students to get on an accelerated path toward reaching their dream career. If you do not see your question answered here, an online representative will be happy to assist you.

What Types of Degree Programs Does ASA College Offer?

ASA College is a career-oriented educational institution. We offer degree programs that provide an accelerated pathway toward landing a meaningful and rewarding career. Our degrees blend traditional classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences that effectively equip our graduates to confidently tackle 21st century workplace challenges. At ASA College, students can earn an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree or an Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Degree Program?

Both types of associate’s degrees typically take two years of study to complete. This timeframe assumes that students will generally take classes on a full-time basis and will complete four semesters of classes over a 16-month span. (Note that some degree programs may require more credits and a longer course of study than 16 months.) However, students may choose to adjust their graduation date as needed in order to accommodate their jobs and other non-collegiate responsibilities. Students are never subjected to a penalty if they need longer than the given timeframe to complete their studies.

Is a Nursing Degree Right for Me?

For many students, the idea of a healthcare career is appealing for multiple reasons. First, it’s an important occupation that allows professionals to support patients as they heal and cope with chronic diseases. This meaningful work can be its own reward. However, healthcare is also a lucrative field, and nurses are generally well-compensated.

Another compelling reason to pursue a nursing degree is the high demand for qualified healthcare professionals. In the U.S., the job growth rate for registered nurses (RNs) is expected to climb by 7% through the year 2029. This rate of job growth would add about 221,900 nursing jobs to the U.S. economy. Furthermore, nurses are needed virtually everywhere, which means that no matter where life takes you, you’re likely to find plenty of work opportunities.

Can I Become an RN With an Associate’s Degree?

It isn’t necessary to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. Many aspiring RNs prefer to break into the field with an AAS nursing degree. At ASA College, we’ve designed our nursing degree in New York City to be completed in as few as 20 months (68 credits). This allows you to more quickly gain the necessary credentials and get to work as soon as possible.

Do note that after you complete your nursing degree, you will need to obtain licensure before you can practice as an RN. You can do so by passing the NCLEX-RN examination, which is developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and administered by Pearson VUE. Our nursing degree curriculum is designed to thoroughly prepare you to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN.

What Other Healthcare Degrees Are Available?

There are many more job opportunities in the lucrative, in-demand healthcare field other than nursing. For instance, if you wish to work in healthcare, but prefer not to be a care giver, you could earn an AOS degree in healthcare office administration or you could earn an AAS degree in health information technology (HIT). Other options are degrees in massage therapy, medical assisting, ophthalmic dispensing, and pharmacy technology.

What Jobs Can I Get With a Business Administration Degree?

An AAS degree in business administration will instill foundational knowledge in business and management, including skills such as leadership, communication, computer applications and accounting. There are many job opportunities available to graduates with a business administration degree, including the following:

  • Office manager
  • Sales manager
  • Human resources specialist
  • Customer service supervisor
  • Administrative assistant
  • Project manager

ASA College gives business administration students the option to pair their degree with a minor in accounting, sports management, hospitality management, or social media management. You may alternatively choose to take a digital media marketing concentration or a fashion design and merchandising concentration. These minors and concentrations allow students to develop advanced skills that will enable them to become strong job candidates.

Which Jobs Can You Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree?

ASA College offers an AAS degree in criminal justice that empowers our graduates to confidently pursue careers across a variety of settings. With an AAS, you may decide to pursue one of the following jobs:

  • Victim advocate
  • Police officer
  • Insurance investigator
  • Probation officer
  • Corrections officer
  • Youth detention counselor
  • Private security officer

These are just a few examples. Note that some of these careers may require an additional period of on the job training. For example, aspiring police officers must complete a period of training in a police academy.

Our traditional classroom instruction for our criminal justice majors is blended with hands-on experiences. Each criminal justice student will complete an externship in a police or probation department, social services agency, private security company, or a similar setting. This externship gives our students vital skills and professional references that can prove invaluable during a job search.

Is Criminal Justice Right for an Aspiring Paralegal?

Some colleges do recommend that their aspiring paralegals complete degrees in criminal justice. However, ASA College has developed a specialized degree program that focuses exclusively on this subfield. The AAS degree in paralegal studies thoroughly prepares students for working in all types of law firms, as well as various governmental agencies and health insurance companies that may hire paralegals.

In addition to the classroom instruction, our future paralegals complete an externship experience within a courthouse, law firm, police department, or similar setting. This instills the necessary practical experience that enables our graduates to succeed in the workplace.

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In addition to our online learning portal, ASA College is pleased to offer in-person classes at our three campuses located in Hialeah, Florida, and Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City. Contact us today to request more information about our degree programs or for guidance on applying for admission. We look forward to guiding you as you develop the in-demand competencies that will allow you to confidently compete in today’s job market.

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