ASA College’s Computer Technology Club was formed in 2014 to cater to the academic and social needs of students at ASA College. Membership is extended to all our active students.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of CTC is to expand and enhance members’ skills in the Adobe Suit with primary emphasis on Photoshop and Dreamweaver. In today’s job market, simply programming skills or networking prowess is insufficient. Skills in multiple computer technology areas are necessary to increase your value. This club can help you develop and expand your basic skill set to include some advanced graphical techniques regardless of your major.

As a member of CTC, you will develop three important traits which are teamwork, commitment and passion. Each of these is essential in today’s technology market, especially if you want to get to your dream job. By the end of semester, you will feel like you are more rounded individual who has accomplished something more than just getting your degree. So join us, grow, and learn with us, and become part of a terrific team.

Contact us:

Laura Gomez
President of Computer Technology Club

Hamid Alizadeh
Vice President of Computer Technology Club

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!