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Volume 36 of the ASA College Catalog is effective as of Spring Semester 2022.

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Mission of ASA College Pg 6
History of ASA College Pg 7
About ASA College Pg 8
Admissions Policies and Procedures Pg 11
Student Financial Assistance Pg 16
Tuition, Fees and Refund Policy Pg 34
Student Support Services Pg 39
Academic Policies and Procedures Pg 48
Programs of Study Pg 59
Division of Arts and Sciences Pg62
Division of Business Pg67
Division of Engineering and Technology Pg74
Division of Health Disciplines Pg 80
Division of Legal Studies Pg90
Division of Nursing Pg 93
Continuing Education Pg96
Distance Learning Pg 97
Course Description Pg 99
Administration and Staff Pg 133
Faculty Pg 144
Academic Calendar Pg 155
Appendix A: Satisfactory Academic Progress Charts Pg157
Appendix B: Table of Placement Test Scores and Corresponding Remedial Courses Pg 161
Appendix C: CLEP Policy at ASA College Pg 163

Addendums & Erratas



Oct 21, 2021 Changes to page 159 “Appendix B” Download PDF
Jan 03, 2022 Changes to page 24 “New Student Challenge Program” Download PDF
Jan 03, 2022 Changes to page 29 “Second Chance Program Scholarship” Download PDF
Jan 03, 2022 Changes to page 30 “ASA College Graduation Assistance Program” Download PDF
Mar 13, 2022 Changes to page 29 “Second Chance Program Scholarship for Summer 2022 Semester” Download PDF
Jul 01, 2022 Changes to page 152 “academic Calendar” Download PDF


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