FAQs and Answers About Our Certificate Programs in NYC

FAQs on Medical Billing, Office Tech, and Computer Support

Since 1985, ASA College has focused on giving students a strong, career-oriented education that enables them to pursue in-demand jobs in healthcare, business, and technology, among other fields. Our school strives to empower students to graduate as soon as possible in order to enter the workforce quickly and begin making positive contributions to their communities. Our certificate programs, available in New York City and Hialeah, Florida, are short, yet thorough courses of study in office technology and administration, medical billing and coding, and computer support.

What Is a Certificate Program in NYC?

A certificate program is a short course of academic or vocation-oriented study. Successful completion confers a certificate, rather than a degree. Compared to degree programs, certificate programs take a narrow focus. Their results-oriented curriculum gives students the knowledge and skills they need to begin working right away.

At ASA College, our certificate programs in office technology and administration, medical billing and coding, and computer support are designed to be completed in just eight months of full-time study. That means you could get started on your new career in less than one year. Furthermore, if you decide to earn an associate’s degree instead of a certificate, any credits you’ve earned in your certificate program can transfer to our degree programs.

Should I Get a Certificate If I Already Have a Degree?

Students may opt to take a certificate program in lieu of a degree or in addition to a degree. If you already hold an associate’s degree, you may wish to earn a certificate in order to strengthen your job qualifications. A certificate can allow you to specialize in a particular area of interest.

Lastly, you may want to earn a certificate even after earning a degree if you intend on transitioning to a new career. For instance, you may currently be working in healthcare office administration. If you would like to transition to a career in medical billing, you could complete the medical billing and coding certificate program.

What Is an Office Technology and Administration Certificate?

All types of offices rely on the work of office assistants to keep the organization running smoothly. An office technology and administration certificate will qualify you to pursue a job as an assistant across a range of settings—including private companies, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations.

This certificate program includes business administration skills such as records management within a technology-focused curriculum. Students will master tech-related skills that modern employers require of their workers, such as skills pertaining to databases, spreadsheets, word processing software, and presentation development software. Students also acquire competencies in accounting, including the preparation of financial statements, reports, and tax returns. This certificate program thoroughly prepares students for support roles working alongside senior staff.

Is Medical Billing and Coding Right for Me?

Before determining whether pursuing a career in medical billing and coding is the right choice for you, you should familiarize yourself with this specialty. Medical billing and coding is a skilled profession that involves billing patients correctly for medical services they receive. The work these professionals do ensures that patients aren’t overcharged and healthcare facilities receive proper reimbursement.

These professionals use special coding systems, taking care to ensure accuracy when selecting the right medical code for a particular procedure, diagnostic test, or other healthcare service found within a patient’s medical records. Then, the professional submits the information in a claim to the patient’s insurance company, a government healthcare program, or directly to the patient.

A career in medical billing and coding may be right for you if the following apply:

  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You pride yourself on accuracy.
  • You have an interest in working in healthcare, yet prefer not to work directly with patients.
  • You can maintain strict confidentiality when working with patients’ medical records.

After you graduate from ASA College’s medical billing and coding certificate program, you may become certified through the National Healthcare Association (NHA) and begin applying for jobs at healthcare organizations.

What Does a Computer Support Specialist Do?

ASA College is pleased to train the next generation of information technology (IT) workers with our computer support specialist certificate program. A computer support specialist is an IT professional who may work for a variety of organizations, including IT firms, nonprofits, and government agencies, as well as companies in all industries. Some of the positions you may be qualified to pursue include the following:

  • IT repair expert
  • IT support professional
  • Webmaster
  • Network analyst

The specific job requirements for these roles can vary, but in general, a computer support specialist can install, configure, and troubleshoot computer systems. These professionals have expertise with hardware and software, as well as peripherals. By the time you graduate from our computer support specialist certificate program, you will be able to accurately troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair malfunctioning computer systems, install and maintain local area networks, and perform disaster recovery services.

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