Welcome To The Career Services


Welcome To The Career Services

I welcome the opportunity to introduce ASA College Careers Services Department.  We are extremely confident of and take pride in our ability to provide our current students and graduates with a comprehensive system of excellent services, solid career counseling, and quality placement within their chosen field of studies.  Our department is fully staffed with professional Career Advisors and experienced Job Developers.   With our help and your determination, your career goals will definitely be achieved.

Lesia M. Willis, MSHR
VP of Career Services & Alumni Affairs

Success Stories

Rohan Patel, CMAC

Certified Medical Assistant

Columbia University Hospital

I have always had a passion to serve people and contribute to their health and wellness. Pursuing my AOS Degree in Medical Assisting at ASA College changed my life and provided me with the opportunity to achieve this goal. I will be forever grateful for the solid education and  excellent hands-on-training I received.  Now I am certified, gainfully employed and extremely satisfied with my decision to attend ASA College.

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Patricia Llewellyn

Medical Assisting

Medical Biller/RSP at United Cerebral Palsy

Patricia studied hard at ASA to create better opportunities for her future and with the skills she gained and assistance from our Career Services department, she received a position at the United Cerebral Palsy organization as a Medical Biller/RSP.

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Alexander Rodriguez

Network Administration & Security

Adjunct Professor at ASA College

For current students, I can tell them to stay focused and continue to study. It is not going to be easy, and sometimes you will want to quit. Though, once you have accomplished your goal, it will make you feel like a new and better person, and you will want more.

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Andris Mota

Medical Assistant

“They [ASA] have great support systems in place
so that you are well prepared for the challenges you face … Advisors were always available to assist me in any way they could.”

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Armine Aleksanian

Business Administration-w/Accounting

“As an adult, I discovered that one of the most important values in life is education, the kind of education that will enable you to secure a career of your choice.”

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Candice Collins

Processor, Gellers Group

Securities Firm

“My career counselor helped me develop my interviewing skills and put together an excellent portfolio that ultimately, “

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Carl Belgrave

Network Administration & Security

“My desire to make a difference in our society is what motivated me to get my degree, and ASA was the perfect school for me to achieve my goal. I earned my Associate Degree”

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Catherine Smith

Pharmacy Technology

I’m very lucky and appreciative to have Mrs. Maria Sarmiento and Mr. Daaim Lewis as my Career Advisors to guide me along my career path, and I’m also thankful to have worked with Mrs. Lucretia Ursu, Coordinator of the Learning Center, and her staff.

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Cortnee Rogers

Pharmacy Technology

“My proudest moment was graduating from ASA. I started school in October of 2005, completed my course work and graduated in February of 2007. This was all due to my determination to succeed.”

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Celia Sennon

Medical Assistant

Doshi Diagnostic

“What I liked most about ASA were the instructors. They are extremely insightful, friendly, and flexible. They worked with me and gave me that extra push “

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Cisely Blatch

Business Administration

“In 2008, I graduated from ASA College with an Associate Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting. I always liked Accounting, and I am happy that it has become my career.”

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Below is the complete life cycle of services provided to our student and graduates to aid in their career development and advancement.



1. Career Assessment

Assess your abilities, skills, and work experiences while defining your career paths

Career Related Links:

Onet is maintained by the National Center for O*NET Development, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA)


2. Career Planning & Guidance

Career Services Department is comprised of a team of advisors who will guide and assist you in developing the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Make yourself available to participate in our workshops, events and supportive one-on-one counseling for customized guidance

3. Professional Development

  • Career Seminar – You will discover information on all activities offered by the Career Services Department. This includes work-study, weekly hot jobs sessions, on-campus job fairs, volunteers programs, externships training and more…
  • Seal the Deal – Attending this workshop will increase your chances of obtaining a job. Learn to master the art of interviewing and seal the deal.
  • Write it right – This workshop is designed to teach you how to tailor your resume in accordance with employer’s needs.

4. Job Search Assistance

(Active Students)

ASA Career Advisors will assist you with customized consultation, resume preparation, interview presentation, career guidance and overall support making the job search process a more productive one.

Below are some links that you can utilize to assist you in your job search efforts.


5. Career Development Seminar

This is a course offered to every student. It provides the job and career management tools needed to reach the students’ full career potential. Essential career success skills are developed through class activities and direct practice in the business community. Hands-on assignments in each session teach the student how to research organizations, learn about application requirements, practice the art of networking with employers in various career fields, practice interviewing in order to obtain employment, learn the ways and means of getting adjusted to a new position and advancing within that specific organization.

A mock interview in then scheduled at the end of the course to allow students the opportunity to participate in a real-life simulated interview process with Career Advisors and representatives from the business community. Upon completion of this interview, students are informed of the level of their performance and graded accordingly.


6. Externship

Externship integrates classroom learning with work experience related to students’ Major. They again a better understanding of their career objectives and earn academic credit.

7. Graduate Exit Interview and Career Seminars

The Orientation will familiarize graduates with the policies and procedures of the Career Services Department.

In addition, it will provide graduates with information on current job markets trends, and job hunting strategies.

8. Successful Employment

Share our graduate employment success by reading their stories.

Click here to view Success Stories 

Download Graduate Success Story Form 


9. Job Search Assistance (Graduates)

Staffed by professional Career Advisors with years of experience, the Career Services Department works closely with local employers to develop jobs that meet your career goals.

10. Retention

Job retention is a key challenge in an organization today.

ASA Career Advisors consistently work on students’ development emphasizing work ethics and positive attitude as key factors in job retention and professional advancement.

Advisors follow up with both employers and newly hired graduates to track their success or identify initial work related issues to address them and prevent employment termination.

11. Refresher Course

In addition to our placement assistance offered to all qualified graduates, we provide free of charge access to new technologies to our graduates. Upon completion of any program, graduates are entitled to the tuition-free benefit of attending any future course offered within their specialization. This service is designed to help them advance in their career and improve their level within their profession.

12. ASA Alumni Network

The mission of the ASA Alumni Association is to provide graduates with a network that strengthens connections with friends, classmates, active students, faculty, and staff to support the social, academic, and professional needs of ASA current and future alumni, by hosting events and other activities. ASA Alumni Association helps alumni stay informed, develop new skills and keep in touch with their college community. View more

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