At ASA College, no student is left behind. We care about each student and provide incredible support on their academic and professional journey.


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    Business Administration (AAS)

    Associate in Applied Science Degree Program



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    Career Outlook and Opportunities

    Accounting Minor

    Students who minor in Accounting, develop competencies in a variety of software that are critical to the practice of accounting and business management; i.e. QuickBooks, TurboTax and others. The accounting courses are offered in a pattern that proceeds from thesimple to complex. Graduates with concentration in Accounting might find jobs as staff accountants, junior accountants, payroll accounting, bookkeepers, accounting clerks and loan processors.

    Digital Media Marketing Concentration

    Digital Media Marketing concentration is designed to introduce students to the world of multi-channel marketing. It can provide students with advanced technical skills and basic marketing knowledge they need to identify, engage, and develop successful relationships with customers in today’s digital environment. Employment in the field of marketing as a social media specialist, social media coordinator, marketing assistant & communication specialist and marketing specialist could be some career options.

    Fashion Design and Merchandising Concentration

    Fashion Design and Merchandising concentration combines both creative and analytical thinking can prepare students to promote product lines/brands, and organize promotional campaigns, wholesale level to attract retailer interest, wholesale purchasing, and supply contracts. Graduates from this minor may find employment in retail, sales, purchasing and wholesale.

    Sports Management Minor

    Students who minor in Sports Management have a wide choice of career objectives in sports management and which can prepare them for employment in entry-level positions as coaches, empires, athletic administrator, facility and event manager, sports promoter, and related field.

    Hospitality Management Minor

    Graduates who minor in Hospitality Management are able to acquire specialized training in this field. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in settings such as hotels, food and beverage industry, travel and tourism, casinos, resorts and spa services, and entertainment and sports venues.

    Social Media Management Minor

    Graduates who minor in Social Media Management, can master social media communication principles and platforms and be able to apply strategies and tactics to real projects. They would also be able to implement an effective and comprehensive social media campaign and develop a professional portfolio to demonstrate newly acquired expertise.


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    At ASA College, no student is left behind. We care about each student and provide incredible support on their academic and professional journey.


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