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How to Succeed in a College Online Course

Budgeting Your Time

A general rule per week outside class for each unit of credit.  Based on this rule of thumb, a student taking a 3 credit hour course should expect to spend 6-9 hours each week of study time (includes assigned readings, research, projects, lab work, or other associated coursework as assigned by the Instructor).

Please don’t be misled: Taking Online courses requires more discipline than in-class sessions so you will need to budget your time carefully to do well in the course.

As a rough guideline, your studying time might be divided as follows:

Required Log-In Time Per Course Per Week = 3hrs.
If your course is:Time for reading:
(per week)
Time for homework assignments:
(per week)
Time for review and test preparation:
(average per week)
Total study time:
(per week)
3 credits1 to 2 hours3 to 5 hours2 hours6 to 9 hours

Best of Luck,
Joseph Lathan
Program Manager