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To the Learning Center Team

Please accept my sincere thanks for a job well done. I appreciate the fact that the people at the learning center willingly helped me succeed. It allowed me to reach my goal of a 4.0 average in my first semester.

The learning center gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people like MARIA who was my tutor for Remedial Algebra and OMO who also helped me with my term papers.  Without them I would have been a lost soul not knowing where to turn. Their encouragement and motivation made it easy for me to finish out the semester with such an excelled grade point average. With their help I was able to achieve a Satisfactory grade in Algebra and As on my term papers. If I had any questions they would steer me in the right direction. If they didn't know themselves they would always find it out for me. For this upcoming semester and others to come, I encourage all students to come to the Learning Center.  The learning center has helped me this far, and I know for the next couple of semesters I'm going to excel as well.

Michele Hill
September 27.2010

When I walked into College Math class I knew absolutely nothing. I was concerned that I would fail. I decided I would be happy with a "D". I signed up for twice a week tutoring at the learning center with Ms. K. BEGUM. I received a 98 on my midterm after absolutely clear and amazing tutoring. I raised my expectation from "D" to "A". I cannot believe how amazing the learning center has been. Everyone there smiles and is friendly. I had a great experience.

Ester Reich09/ 22/ 2010

My name is Nidia. I came to the learning center two semesters ago. I badly needed help with my math, grammar and computer. I had several tutorials a week in each subject. The tutorials helped me to understand the material and to pass the exams. Ms. K. BEGUM and Ms. L. DRATVA, tutors, were very helpful, answered all my questions and explained to me everything I didn't understand. I'm very grateful to them and to the learning center of our college for all the help I received.

Nidia09/ 24/ 2010