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October 20, 2016

6 Essential Attributes of Successful Nurses

nursing interview

Nurses play important roles in the healthcare industry. These professionals deal directly with patients, so they must understand how to manage many different medical issues. Besides being proficient in techniques that can be learned from textbooks, nurses must hone other skills to gain success in the field. Since a nurse's duties must be completed in a stressful environment, here are six professional skills that must be mastered.

1. Connects Well With Patients

Since a nurse's job involves patient interactions, communication is key. It is essential for this professional to connect with patients so that he or she can accurately record information, including symptoms and personal conditions. Oftentimes, a nurse must relay this information to doctors and other medical staff so that appropriate treatment is offered. If a nurse cannot interact on a personal level, it will be difficult to provide quality care and to deal with patients' family members.

2. Pays Attention to Details

Nurses are responsible for gathering information from patients. Since this material is used to determine a person's treatment and medicine, it is crucial for a nurse to take effective notes and to have the ability to catch mistakes so that patient care does not suffer. When a nurse remains organized and records information in a consistent manner, his or her work will be streamlined and accurate.

3. Thinks Critically

Critical thinking skills are the foundation for anyone in the nursing profession. These skills are necessary to make vital decisions that affect patients' lives. Besides using these skills while offering critical care, nurses must apply these skills to develop essential policies as well.

Although classroom training gives nursing students knowledge about how to perform physical duties, including inserting catheters and bandaging wounds, a nurse must master critical thinking skills outside of a school environment. For example, this professional must interpret and analyze data and evaluate the best course of action so that positive outcomes are achieved. To accomplish this task, it is important to learn how to follow a logical thinking process and to ignore trivial information

4. Expert at Multi-Tasking

Since many hospitals and similar medical facilities are understaffed, nurses must learn how to balance high volumes of patients, impatient doctors, patients' family members, and questionable policies. Remaining organized is the only way for a nurse to effectively multi-task all of his or her responsibilities. It is advised to develop a flexible schedule that sets aside time for each job. For instance, a nurse should dedicate time for lab work, updating patient records, and other important duties. This makes things less confusing and easier to handle.

5. Manages Stress Effectively

On an average day, nurses must persevere through tremendous emotional and physical stresses. In order to maintain healthy frames of mind, nurses must be able to effectively manage these irritations. Many nurses practice deep breathing techniques so that they keep calm in all types of situations. When work is done, these professionals must be able to walk away and disassociate from the day's activities so that they can return refreshed for their next shifts.

6. Works as a Team Player

Although they are important, nurses are just one part of a team of professionals who are responsible for patients. Besides shouldering the burdens of care, teams work together and brainstorm ideas that lead to improved treatments. Participating in a successful team raises job satisfaction as well.

Classroom instruction is filled with valuable information for nurses. However, in order to succeed in this career, it is important to develop other skills that are not described in textbooks. The above attributes are essential to the nursing community and will help a person excel on a professional level.






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