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ASA College's Psychology Club was formed in 2014 to cater to the academic and social needs of students at ASA College. Membership is extended to all our active students.

Mission Statement:

The main goals of The Psychology club are:

  • a) to advance knowledge of psychology outside of the introduction to psychology class;
  •   b) to have a safe place for students to talk about their own perspectives;
  • c) to improve their own lives as well as learn something new.

One of the main reasons to establish a Psychology club is to expand knowledge on psychology outside of the short introductory class. There is a lot more to learn about psychology; and having an outside of the classroom way to learn with no in class pressure is a great way to really create a great learning environment.

People can learn a lot from each other. There are many life lessons and wisdoms that everyone has because everyone is different in their own way. This meaning that students can really help each other to move further in life and deal with the struggles that come along with it. This club could become a safe place for everyone to feel free to share their own stories and struggles that they have been going through or are going through.

The Psychology Club will provide for students getting connected with each other on a human and personal level. There should be an open environment with enough room for everyone to speak out and share their own perspectives. This club has a lot of room for interpretation, where students can learn a lot of skills through psychology. They learn about the business world, learn about real life and real stories, learn how to manage their own lives and make real breakthroughs to be better as people.

Contact us:
Club Advisor: Professor Maria Ventouras