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Nursing (A.A.S.)


Our Associate in Nursing Program offers a strong foundation in sciences and technology to prepare nurses who are proficient in technology to meet the needs of the health care delivery system of the 21st century. Graduates of the program will be able to use the nursing process to provide patient care within a self-care framework to patients across the life span.

Also, graduates of the program will be qualified to sit for the licensing examination NCLEX-RN to become Registered Professional Nurses. Opportunities are also available for graduates of this program to continue their education at a baccalaureate level.



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Program Goals

Upon Successful completion of our Nursing Program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Take the NCLEX-RN licensing examination.
  • Use the nursing process to provide evidence-based safe patient care within a self-care framework to patients across the life-span.
  • Manage and coordinate care for individuals, families and groups experiencing self-care deficits.
  • Collaborate with patients and health team members to plan appropriate patient care for resolving self-care deficits.
  • Practice as a member of the nursing profession within the ethical and legal scope of standards and practice.
  • Assume personal responsibility for nursing practice.
  • Pursue lifelong processional and personal learning development.

Career Outlook

Graduates of ASA College's Nursing Program will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensing examination to become licensed Registered Professional Nurses. As a Registered Professional Nurse, employment can be found in all types of clinical facilities, from large hospitals to family-run clinics. Graduates may also choose to continue their education to pursue advanced practice careers as educators, researchers, administrators or Nurse Practitioners.

The associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing requires the successful completion of 68 semester credit hours for graduation. These include 43 credits as part of the Nursing major, 20 General Education Requirement credits as well as 5 college core credits. As ASA College is a MSCHE-accredited institution, graduates can transfer credits earned to a four-year nursing program if they choose.

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