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What is the Nu Alpha Mu Sorority?

Derek Jackson

Xi Delta Chapter of Nu Alpha Mu Sorority was founded on the campus of ASA College in Brooklyn, New York in 2010. The Xi Delta Chapter was established with the guidance of Prof. Karlene Richardson (Founder of Nu Alpha Mu Sorority), by six women: Susan James (Vice President of Brooklyn Campus), Charlisa Kelly (Vice President of Manhattan Campus), Meredith Bell (Public Relations Officer), Shondell Gilhuys (President), Rachelle Simmons (Treasurer), and Tanya Frederick (Public Relations Officer).

Xi Delta Chapter is comprised of members in all programs. Membership is comprised of distinguished women who boast talent, intelligence, and fitness of the mind to think innovatively. Xi Delta dedicates itself to improving the life of all members and promoting togetherness of sisterhood, and through its motto, "Each One, Build One", promotes the sense of accountability and responsibility for each Sister.


Together, the Sisterhood of Xi Delta overcomes challenges and adversities, making lasting friendships, and building stronger bonds. Individual growth is promoted and encouraged.

The Sisterhood of Xi Delta is not about changing who you are, but becoming a better YOU!


The main goal of Xi Delta is building stronger women, ridding of the Dependency Syndrome, and relearning "The I Can Model of Thinking". Through our Leadership Academy, Sisters are taught how to "Think to Become". If I think success, then I BECOME SUCCESS(ful). The Xi Delta Chapter promotes self-efficacy, professionalism, womanhood, family, and success.

Few cross over and become a Xi Delta Woman!



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Prof. Karlene Richardson, Faculty Advisor

Shondell Gilhuys, President

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