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Success Stories: Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assistant, Computers and Business
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Kateryna Martynenko  - Gellers Group Securities Firm

Name : Kateryna Martynenko
Associates Degree in Business Administration w/Accounting
Site:Syska Hennessy Company

Completing my Externship at Syska Company was the best experience I have ever had.  The work assignments were always challenging and exciting, and there was never a dull moment.   I enjoyed this company a lot.  I was mainly involved in the administrative aspect of the job and I felt really productive.

I clearly understood what team work was all about because my co-workers were extremely supportive and eager to help me with any questions I had.

My academic preparation and the skills that I gained at ASA made me feel comfortable and fully prepared to successfully complete my Externship at such a reputable company.

With all the courses I took and the valuable college degree I have earned, I can confidently say that I am prepared to work within my field of study.